Table of Contents | Meet true-blue fighters — survivors rewiring their minds, re-tooling their injured bodies — and re-shaping their lives. Meet a husband and wife who have successfully overcome doctors’ mistaken beliefs about surviving a traumatic brain injury.

8 STORIES OF SURVIVAL | Can the injured brain heal itself?

Here are 8 stories of surviving brain injury. Regular people are presently coping with head injuries, concussions and clinical efforts to combat both traumatic and acquired brain injuries. This special edition consists of a selection of 8 real-life stories about fostering new dreams where once there were none.

GEORGE CLOONEY | His Traumatic Brain Injury made him think of committing suicide

At the time, Clooney was filming the movie "Syriana" in Morocco, playing out a scene where he is tied to a chair and tortured.

Rebecca Bratspies, B. Allen Shulz and their daughter Naomi

“WE ARE NOT ALONE” | An open shout-out to the strangers who performed CPR on my brain-injured partner

“I really want to try to thank these two young men if possible. I would love for them to hear somehow how grateful we are,” said Rebecca Bratspies. "We are so grateful to the doctors and nurses who gave Allen the care he needed." Most of all, we are grateful to hose two anonymous strangers in the dark alley in Pittsburgh. I hope you read this and know how grateful we are.

B. Allen Schulz, composer

“A WILL TO LIVE” | If music be the food of the mind, a NY composer plays on

Traumatic Brain Injury | "Having a brain injury is not the end — as many doctors and others will try to tell you," says NYC composer B. Allen Schulz

HOPE IN SPITE OF DOCTORS | Can stem cell biology help the damaged brain repair itself?

Hope exists. Amazingly, the brain can repair itself.

SHE BEATS THE ODDS | After a brain injury, what used to be natural had to be relearned

After experiencing a brain injury herself, Emilia Becker, a Canadian, decided to share her story with others to raise awareness

Dr. Teena Shetty serves as the New York Giants’ neurologist

FOOTBALL CONCUSSIONS | How NY Giants and the Mets respond to Traumatic Brain Injury

One of a handful of women physicians in professional football, she treats such high-profile patients as the Giants' quarterback Eli Manning, who suffered a head injury.

ADVOCACY FOR BLACK MEN | Why help only young blacks stricken with TBI? Why not everyone?

In recent years, bias-related crimes have surged 30% across NY State against people of color, ethnic minorities and LGBT people.

From a Photo Album by Lyndon Davis

A BAKE OFF | Mount Sinai Hospital patients heal themselves by cooking brownies and cookies

Which tastes better? Brownies or Cookies? To find out, they did a Bake Off. | Photography by Lyndon Davis

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