Walid Raad | Conceptual artist from Lebanon - Walid Raad Better be watching the clouds May 18 – June 30, 2017 Paula Cooper Gallery 521 W 21st Street, NYC NEW YORK CITY | Paula Cooper Gallery has installed a new series of work by the Lebanon-born Conceptual artist Walid Raad entitled “Better be watching the clouds (2000/2017).” The presentation includes a selection of 15… Read More
Prague goes wild for Jake and Dinos Chapman - Jake and Dinos Chapman The Blind Leading the Blind / Slepý vede slepého Galerie Rudolfinum Alšovo nábřeží 12 CZ 110 01 Praha 1 T +420 227 059 205 galerie@rudolfinum.org http://www.galerierudolfinum.cz PRAGUE |  Galerie Rudolfinum is pleased to present an solo exhibition by leading British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman entitled “The Blind Leading the Blind.” The exhibition,… Read More
Taizo Kuroda, Japanese minimalist ceramics Fine white porcelain works by Japanese minimalist ceramicist Taizo Kuroda - "White Porcelain – Cylinders" is the first in a series of three annual exhibitions of Taizo Kuroda’s ceramics.
Making Space | Museum of Modern Art Photo by Randy Gener MoMA | “Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction” - @MoMA in NYC | A Photo Documentary Record of a press preview held Tuesday, April 11, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at The Museum of Modern Art
Dominique Paul's "Insects of Suriname 28" (2017) Botanical mandalas | Canadian artist Dominique Paul imagines a field of hybrid beings - Taking the form of a botanical mandala, Dominique Paul's paintings strive to express a sense of urgency in the playing fields of our human-centric society.
Making Spaces | MoMA MoMA | “Making Space: Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction” - At #MoMA | "Making Space" exhibit shines a spotlight on women artists between the end of World War II (1945) and the start of the Feminist movement (1968)
How do you see the world without a mirror? | Film meets photography - New York Upper East Side's Yoshii Gallery has devoted its pristine gallery to an independent filmmaker. His name is Benny Safdie.
THE MUSEUM WORLD In the Culture of One World Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde - In exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art: "A Revolutionary Impulse: The Rise of the Russian Avant-Garde"
Why I paint dirt roads? Bob Dylan himself explains - By Bob Dylan In 1974 I played the first of many shows with the Band—maybe in eight years. We were in a hockey arena in Chicago. There were maybe 18,000 people there. The Band and I hadn’t played publicly together since 1966 where our shows caused a lot of disruption and turmoil—a lot of anger.… Read More
Bob Dylan writes Nobel-prized songs. But can he paint? - Though his singing voice sucks, he paints mostly from life: "I’m pretty much interested in people, histories, myth, and portraits."
Haikus inspire to sculpt sun, moon and monuments at Yoshii Gallery - The raw aesthetics of each sculptural piece embody the artist’s primal devotion to the natural contours of the earth. Marie-Noëlle De La Poype’s minimalist process reflects her reverence for the natural universe
Hiroshi Sugimoto’s camera simulates landscapes of lost time - Inspired by Dada and Surrealism, Hiroshi Sugimoto (Japanese, b. 1948) aims to convey and preserve a point in time through his highly technical photographs, an intention to which he consistently refers.
Tokyo’s sex shops are a blurry, er, mesh in Daido Moriyama’s pics - In 1969, Daido Moriyama was an active contributor in Provoke, a magazine founded in 1968 that — if only briefly — became a melting pot for the most radical of Japanese.
ALFONSO OSSORIO | Chelsea’s blue-chip gallery trumpets this Philippine-born Abstract Expressionist - In celebration of a centennial birthday, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery throws open its blue-chip doors to "Alfonso Ossorio—Congregations: The First Decade, 1959-1969," an exhibition of twenty-four of the mixed-media assemblages that have become emblematic of Ossorio’s vision and capacity for innovation.
BOMB ME, KATE | Rare WWII Japanese torpedo bombers at Pearl Harbor - Japan's Nakajima Torpedo Bomber caused most of the battleship damage during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941.
FLUXUS AS ARCHITECTURE | Arguing for structural coherence in George Maciunas’s prefab designs - It’s a prefab vision, but the exhibition seems to be arguing for a Fluxcity vision. that allows a single module to form into clusters, communities and hives. The concept leans on Maciunas’s prefab design for Fluxhouse, which was completed in 1965.
From a Photo Album by Lyndon Davis A BAKE OFF | Brownies vs. Cookies © All Recipes Reserved - Which tastes better? Brownies or Cookies? To find out, they did a Bake Off. | Photography by Lyndon Davis
Sophie Calle, French artist GET TO KNOW | Le musée des curiosités de SOPHIE CALLE - View a fascinating conversation about "self-burial" between artist Sophie Calle and a man without identity.
@ Randy Gener GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM | Cuban-American Conceptual artist delights with his curtain of golden beads - Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s “Untitled” Golden (1995) asks of gallery owners and curators to use these beads as room dividers through which any viewer must pass.
"Irises" (1890) by Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, Zundert 1853–1890 Auvers-sur-Oise) METROPOLITAN MUSEUM | Seen live in New York, Van Gogh’s two “Irises” will knock you out - It provides a singular opportunity to reconsider Van Gogh's artistic aims and the impact of color fading on his intended results.
PERFORMANCE DESIGN? | A ghost train from Bulgaria, composed of sound and lights, speeds through Berlin’s city center - HR-Stamenov's The Phenomenon of W24°58'59,43″ N42°07'55,29″ is very much a site-specific, media, sound and light installation. This time, he toys with the image of a ghost metro train which has traveled throughout Europe and suddenly appears in Berlin. It ignores physics, gaps between buildings, space and time.
BUT IS IT PERFORMANCE DESIGN? | Tino Sehgal’s “This situation” dreamily implicates the art experience, and quite likely elite academia itself - "The situation" is purely experiential, engaging viewers immediately in real time and space to implore a questioning of the art experience, and experience itself. If "This situation" is not a work of performance design, I don't know what is. It is not surprising to learn that Sehgal is a trained choreographer; he composes what is then physically interpreted by non-actors, actors and dancers, and in the case of "This Situation," intellectuals.
DEADLINES | Arab arts foundation seeks applications for $10,000 fellowships in Jordan - Darat al Funun is a home for the arts and artists from the Arab world. It organizes exhibitions, talks, film screenings and educational programs, hosts performances and concerts, offers artist residencies, and publishes books and catalogs. One to three fellowships are sought in Amman, Jordan.
FESTIVAL WATCH | Performance actions teem in Bulgaria’s festival for independent theater - Of particular interest would the November 9, Open Space Forum, which organizers say "will explore several key factors in the development of contemporary culture that we consider important. They are: the development of international partnerships, the establishment of independent art spaces, as well as the development of new audiences and international mobility of artists and creative products."
IN EXHIBITION | “Fluxus as architecture” argues for the structural coherence of George Maciunas’s universal language - It's a prefab vision, but the exhibition seems to be arguing for a Fluxcity vision. that allows a single module to form into clusters, communities and hives. The concept leans on Maciunas's prefab design for Fluxhouse, which was completed in 1965. An architect, George Maciunas, educated in architecture at Cooper Union and Carnegie Institute of Technology, held several prestigious professional positions in firms including Skidmore, Owing and Merrill, Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation and Knoll Associates. For sure, Fluxcity is not a fancy idea.
IN EXHIBITION | Photographic landscapes of sexual intimacy raise “Wonderlust’s” temperature - In "Wonderlust," Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson's work pushes the boundaries of photography by incorporating burning, scratching, gouging and glitter into her practice. These effects, she believes, "make visible the elation, beauty and self-consciousness of sex." She photographed her subjects in their homes and then worked with the resulting prints in her studio
IN EXHIBITION | Philip Smith’s psychologically-charged canvases on view at New York’s Jason McCoy Gallery - Painter Philip Smith works the canvas like a physicist’s blackboard. Using found imagery, he can postulate new image formulations and equations. The paintings in this Philip Smith: Sign Language, on view at New York's Jason McCoy Gallery starting November 17, are characterized by slightly visible erased imagery. The effect is akin to memory and ghost-like.
IN EXHIBITION | Last chance to see the secret history of postwar painter Alfonso Ossorio at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery - Alfonso Ossorio is a central figure of postwar American art, but he has been virtually absent from standard art history texts. Some people have claimed that Ossorio was just imitating Jackson Pollock. This exhibition shows that Ossorio had his own unique “wax-resist” painting technique that really no one else had used. He forged his own wild assemblages that he called "congregations." It's time to re-draft the history of postwar American art.
CONFERENCE ON BREAKING BOUNDARIES | Looking back at the early marriage of Theater, Architecture and the Visual Arts - This conference, "Ephemeral and Permanent," focuses on the interrelations of the visual arts and the dramatic arts in Rome broadly between 1300 and 1700. In this context, scenography and pageantry apparatus were as much the domain of visual artists as painting, sculpture, and architecture.
CRIT SNIT | Curators are the new enemy of the art world - The British art critic Waldemar Januszczak rails against curators in today's Letters Page of the Guardian
IN EXHIBITION | Tyler Rollins Fine Art hosts Philippine artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio - The works in The Future That Was exhibitions in New York and Manila are reflections upon the structures and ideas that produce, frame and promote art and design. Philippine artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio weaves an open-ended narrative that examines notions of innovation and novelty, timeliness and timelessness, particularly as they relate to the language of design and fashion. She is interested in how material, fabrication, and intention combine to form an object that then takes on a life of its own.
IN EXHIBITION | Women as biomorphic abstractions in Ashley Bickerton’s fourth Neo-Geo solo show - Ashley Bickerton (b. 1959, Barbados, West Indies) graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 1982 and continued his education in the Independent Studies Program (ISP) at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. A seminal figure in the East Village scene of the 1980s, Bickerton has been associated with the “Neo-Geo” approach to art making.
Shohreh Mehran, Untitled, from Defaced series, 2012, Oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm ART OPENING | Iranian painter portrays faceless people in Dubai art gallery - These paintings are based on studies of the gestures of resistance and defiance. They are permanent records of the ‘faceless’ individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.
Embassy of Sweden in Washington, D.C. THEATER TALK | House of Sweden hosts Swedish and American dialogue in D.C. - Artistic Director of Backa theatre Mattias Andersson who specializes in creating and staging theatrical projects grounded in sociological research methods will discuss this hot topic with Robert McNamara, artistic director of SCENA theatre and Otis Ramsey-Zöe, Lecturer of Theatre Arts at Howard University. Randy Gener will moderate the talk.
Aiden Simon, "Second Skins," 2011, 69 x 46 inches, Inkjet print, Edition of 3 PERFORMANCE ART | It looks like torture? Great! Take part in the agony at HERE - Co-curated by Nicholas Cohn Art Projects and Amy Kisch of AKArt, the exhibit brings together performance-art happenings, video, photography and site-specific installations by an internationally renowned selection of artists. There will be a reception from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. with the performance by Jaeeun Lee beginning at 8:30pm.
“Silk Road” by the Gansu Dance Theatre DANCE THEATER | Lincoln Center hosts a landmark and lavish classical Chinese dance drama - This ornate spectacular arrives in New York as part of an ongoing showcase of Chinese performing arts made possible by the international promoter China Arts & Entertainment Group (CAEG) and the Ministry of Culture for the People's Republic of China. It's diplomacy by cultural means with peace and friendship as its themes.
“Holy Daughters” exposes inferior position of many women in India - For Nourry, the rape incident in New Delhi in December 2012 "marks a new sad climax concerning this highly sensitive topic."
Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. and Harry Belafonte FREE COMMUNITY EVENT | Harry Belafonte pays tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Brooklyn - Belafonte met a young Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his historic visit to New York in the 1950s. From that day until the leader's assassination, Belafonte and King developed a deep friendship that for Belafonte still stands as one of the most precious of his experiences
Marieve Dictrich 1948 | Photo by Cornel Lucas IN EXHIBITION | Bacall, Dietrich, Bardot & vintage Hollywood scintillate - Glamour portrait photographer Cornel Lucas also made publicity photos for David Niven, Stewart Granger, Joan Collins, Leslie Caron, Dirk Bogarde, Cyd Charisse, and Katharine Hepburn.
Randy Gener | "Ode to a farmer in Umbria" (2008) archival print | Photo by rg IN EXHIBITION | View “LaMaMa Family Show” artworks in this exclusive slideshow - Forty LaMaMa artists are featured in the "Family Show". Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday 1:00-7:30 PM. La Galleria is located on 6 East First Street, between Second Avenue and Bowery.
Still from Jimmy Ong's video work "Sangam" (2012) | Courtesy of Tyler Rollins Fine Art GALLERY REPORT | Gender fluidity inspires Singaporean artist’s video works in Indonesia - The Elo Progo exhibition centers on Ong’s first public showing of video works, which were inspired by the rituals of water meditation and informed by themes of gender fluidity and mythic transformation.
CLOUD for the Art Experiment at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow Moscow’s Garage Center needs 5,000+ light bulbs for secret art experiment - In January 2013, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture’s legendary Art Experiment returns. Art Experiment takes on a new twist - running for nearly a month in Garage’s new pavilion in Gorky Park – this year organisers are keeping activities a close guarded secret
"Appomattox" (model), an opera staged by Robert Woodruff, takes the audience back to the end of the Civil War | Photo by Randy Gener CURATORIAL ESSAY | From the Edge: Performance Design in the Divided States of America - I would go so far to say that, after post-structuralism, communication is now the dominant force in design innovations. PQ provides designers with an international art-based platform where they can wrest back the current valorization of time-based performance modes, which visual artists have ruthlessly co-opted for their own ends
A playful inflatable structure by performance artist Pat Oleszko entitled "WarUSaurus" | Photo courtesy of Susan Tsu IN EXHIBITION | From the Edge: Performance Design in the Divided States of America opens at La Galleria - From the Edge spotlights how U.S. theatremakers wrestled with core American values during the intense unraveling of the Aught Decade — a period that coincided with a painful economic recession and a dramatic presidential transition in the White House that brought about the rise of an African-American as our country’s 44th president.
Poster of "From the Edge: Performance Design in the Divided States of America" INTERVIEW Part 1 | From the Edge: Performance Design in the Divided States of America - "From the Edge, to our knowledge, is the first USA pavilion to present actual bodies (performance-makers Pat Olesko and Paul Zaloom) as part a live display."
Temporary Distortion exhibited in "From the Edge" | Photo by Randy Gener INTERVIEW Part 2 | From the Edge: Active Searching & The Value of the Prague Quadrennial - "These events, on a practical level, raise the public’s level of awareness of the importance of good creative design. They affirm the professionalism and creativity of outstanding designers and theater architects. And these events have demonstrated an economic impact to the countries that host them."
Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 3 | A Ripple Effect - The following interview originally appeared in Postcards from the Inge, a blog. It is re-posted here with the kind permission of the author. Interview by AMANDA WHITE THIETJE Well, here it is, friends—the final installment of the Randy Gener trilogy.  Thank you for tuning in this week to read Randy’s words, and many thanks to Mr. Gener… Read More
"Exit Strategy," Dan Perjovschi's third U.S. solo exhibition at Chelsea's prestigious Lombard Freid Projects IN EXHIBITION | Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi wittily critiques U.S. presidential elections in “Exit Strategy” - Since 1991, Perjovschi has worked as an illustrator and art director at the Romanian publication Revista 22, the first political magazine launched in Romania, after the fall of communism.
Untitled (1987) Art Print by Keith Haring MUSEUM NEWS | Keith Haring Foundation gives $1-million grant to Whitney Museum - The grant will be used to support exhibitions at the Whitney's new location, scheduled to open in 2015, in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. Designed by Renzo Piano, the new building will enable the museum to increase the size and scope of its exhibitions and programming and to showcase, to a far greater extent than previously possible, its vast collection of American art.
Image from 2011 National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates VENICE BIENNIAL | United Arab Emirates seeks applicants for Venice internship for 2013 - “Hands-on experience is an ideal way to learn about best practices in the international arts context, the Venice Internship offers such experience and much more. I look forward to sharing my curatorial process with these bright young Emiratis.” Reem Fadda, Curator.
"Ibrahim El-Salahi: A Visionary Modernist" solo retrospective at London's Tate Modern IN EXHIBITION | London’s Tate Modern scores major exhibition of Sudanese artist Ibrahim El-Salahi - Bringing together 100 works from across more than five decades of his international career, this retrospective will highlight one of the most significant figures in African and Arab Modernism, and reveal his place in the context of a broader, global art history.
Landscape painting from Manuel Ocampo"s "The View Through the Bull of a Manual Laborer of Menagerie Gussied Over White Ground: 20 Years of Self-Loathing and Intestinal Mishaps" Painter Manuel Ocampo returns with solo exhibit and curated group show - Concurrently with his own gallery show, Ocampo is curating a group exhibition of Manila-based artists, entitled "Bastards of Misrepresentation," taking place at several New York venues, including the Queens Museum, NYU, TOPAZ Arts, and Crossing Art.
Abu Dhabi Art Talk - A Conversation between Reem Fadda & Mohammed Kazem - Manarat Al Saadiyat - Abu Dhabi - 10 November Venice Biennial | United Arab Emirates selects Emirati artist Mohammed Kazem for 2013 national pavilion - Our founder, Sheikha Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan, is a passionate patron of the arts and a committed supporter of Emirati artists, and so it is with great pleasure that we are able to play a role in the program,” stated Dr Salvatore LaSpada, Executive Director of the Foundation.
Travis Boyer, "Uh oh, competition" (Detail), 2012, Cyanotype on Silk, 60 x 42 inches Visual Art Opening | Johannes Vogt Gallery inaugurates new art space - Travis Boyer and A.K Burns / G.T. Pellizzi are the inaugural shows in this new 2,200 sq ft. exhibition space. Johannes Vogt Gallery is committed to bringing attention to the complex artistic and cultural ties that bind New York to both Europe and Latin America.
Kilusan Bautista's solo show "Universal Self" performs Nov. 2 and 3 in Brooklyn Post-Hurricane Sandy Updates | Bayanihan Dance, Broadway, Universal Self, 54 Below will go on - However, due to extensive power outages in downtown Manhattan as a result of the hurricane, Vineyard Theatre is cancelling performances of its world-premiere production of CHECKERS until further notice. French Institute Alliance Française will also remain closed on Wednesday, October 31
Jérôme Bel’s "The Show Must Go On" (2001) | Photo by Mussacchio Laniello. Watch MOMA.org/Live stream of “Some sweet day” dance pieces - The Museum of Modern Art will be streaming live video of select performances and programs from "Some sweet day" at MoMA.org/live.
"Le Cargo," de Faustin Linyekula, Studios Kabako (2011) Centre national de la danse Congolese choreographer/director Faustin Linyekula dances solo after profound dialogue with director Peter Sellars - Tonight, September 18, Linyekula returns to Florence Gould Hall to debut his autobiographical new work, Le Cargo, which tells of his 2011 return to Obilo, the Congolese village where he spent part of his childhood. Co-presented by "Crossing the Line" (the French Institute Alliance Française’s annual fall festival) in association with the Museum for African Art.
Maurice Goldberg, Streamlined Railway Train, ca. 1930-1933 | Image courtesy of the Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation / Harry Ransom Center “I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America” exhibit looks back to America’s future - "I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America" explores the career of American stage and industrial designer, futurist and urban planner Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958). The exhibition opens September 11, 2012 in Austin. It runs through January 6, 2013.
Marian Seldes as captured backstage by Rivka Katvan | Photography by Rivka Katvan Rivka Katvan’s candid portraiture captures Broadway luminaries backstage (on view Sept. 6 to 29 in Soho gallery) - Katvan’s photography fulfills a documentary function while veering and edging toward a form of poetic realism. Her portraits are most eloquent when they capture a fleeting look or a spontaneous gesture — when amid the continuous forward motion of the theatrical life, grit of the evanescent is seized
"O Iluminado (The Shining)" from Adriana Varejão: Histories at the Margins Brazilian painter Adriana Varejão gets retrospective treatment at Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo - "Histories at the Margins," a retrospective of Adriana Varejão’s paintings, showcases works that have never before been exhibited in Brazil, on loan from renowned collections including Fundació “La Caixa” (Barcelona), Solomon R. Guggenheim (New York), and Tate Modern (London)
Sunday Express newspaper headline "FM Declares Martial Law" Queens arts gallery re-members Philippine martial law with exhibit, performance and salon talk - The event, which will take place in Queens, consists of an exhibition by Eric De Leon Zamuco, an installation performance piece by Jeho Bitancor; and a salon-style talk by transnational writer Ninotchka Rosca, the author of "Endgame: The Fall of Marcos."
Arman Stepanian, "Untitled," from Negar Chagall series, 2012, Digital Photography, 120 x 80 cm | Courtesy of Etemad Gallery Dubai Iranian photographer zooms toward staged narrative in Dubai gallery - In a new exhibition in a Dubai gallery, entitled "Collage Tales," Iranian photographer Arman Stephanian invokes the tradition of story telling by using photographic images to tell stories of past and present.
Wim Wenders's "The Chopper" (2005), Digital C-print, 124.5 x 125 cm | Courtesy Wenders Images Slideshow | German director Wim Wenders (“Pina” and “Wings of Desire”) exhibits his landscape photography - For those who are curious to glimpse the personal photography of filmmaker Wim Wenders exhibited in “Places, strange and quiet," click here to view a slideshow.
International Festival of Photojournalism, "Visa pour l’image," held in Perpignan, France Dramatic photographs of North Korea, Greece, Afghanistan exhibited at France’s international festival of photojournalism - This festival is a unique event for those who share a love and passion for photography. For one week each year, the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan becomes the centre of the photojournalism community. The Festival exhibits the greatest photojournalist work from around the world in exhibitions across the city.
"Alone" by Niccolo Cosme from “Resplendor: The Blinding Light" exhibit | Courtesy of Niccolo Cosme Filipino photographer transforms pain, sorrow and erotic sensuality of Christian icons to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS - The 20 photographs that comprise Niccolo Cosme's exhibit, on view at the Philippine Center in New York from August 28 to September 7, 2012, contain messages about HIV and AIDS. Yet in a sense they place a halo of aesthetics and sensuality at the center of Cosme's Christian-based iconography.
Selected drawings from Ulrike Müller, Herstory Inventory, at the Brooklyn Museum, June 29–September 9, 2012. | Courtesy of Barbara Schroeder BUT IS IT PERFORMANCE DESIGN? | Lesbian herstory emerges at Brooklyn Museum - Ulrike Müller's conceptual project, "Herstory Inventory" is a theatrical installation. It pushes together two sets of created inventory: new art inspired by the Lesbian Herstory Archive, and museum objects from the Brooklyn Museum where it is presently on view through September 9, 2012.
Inside Simpich Showcase in Colorado Springs, Colorado In Colorado Springs, European puppet-style Dickens Festival showcases “Great Expectations” and “Oliver Twist” in repertoire - impich Showcase of Colorado Springs is joining in the international celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens by hosting a unique two-part festival.
"Marco Anelli: Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic " “Marco Anelli: Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic” - After becoming an internet sensation, Marco Anelli's powerful portraits of sitters in the historic 2010 Marina Abramovic performance at the Museum of Modern Art, New York are now collected and available in their entirety in this volume
Performance artist Marisa Prefer's "Breathing Room" Performance artist Marisa Prefer sets aside “Breathing Room” at Bushwick gallery - Signal is pleased to present Breathing Room, a temporary environment by artist Marisa Prefer. Viewers are invited to enter a large-scale inflatable sculpture installed within the gallery
"4 Alice" by Saviana Stanescu | Photo by Randy Gener Play excerpt | Saviana Stanescu’s “4 Alice,” part 2 of “The Window” at Romanian Cultural Institute in New York - And you thought these actors were just making things up as they went along. Didn't you? Admit it. You did. This is an exclusive excerpt from Saviana Stanescu's play "4 Alice" for THE WINDOW installation/performance project
Detail: Skull in Željko Zorica's "KroaTisch-Amerikanische Freundschaft" | Photo by Randy Gener Edible diplomacy | U.S. and Croatia political relations served and summed up in food installation - A food installation from Croatia, cumbersomely entitled "KroaTisch–Amerikanische Freundschaft," directly alludes to important events in the history of Croatian-American political relations.
Igor Josifov in "2-Dimensional" in NYC | Photo by Randy Gener Slideshow | How to walk over a Balkan performance artist - Want to see how they built Igor Josifov's "2-Dimensional"? Click on my slideshow. In this unusual performance, the artist is an observer as much as he is observed while the spectator becomes a performer.
Kimura in "Kimura-san" by Tadasu Takamine | Photo by Marino Čajdo Japanese artist Tadasu Takamine breaks glass, sexual taboos in his intimate video of a disabled friend - Takamine was Kimura’s caretaker for five years during the 1990s. Takamine says that he had learned to communicate with the disabled Kimura through gestures. He realized that Kimura's sexual desires could not be met without the help of other people. Aiding Kimura in the satisfaction of his sexual needs was a gesture of friendship and affection of Takamine's part.
ricci/forte MACADAMIA NUT BRITTLE Mladi Levi+Bunker Festival 011 Ljubljana (Slovenja) Queer New York International Arts Festival proposes “new concept of queer” - In discussing the festival, the curators of Queer New York International Arts Festival have stated that they want to “break through dominant ideas that limit and marginalize queer art, by creating a new concept of queer as a wider platform
"The Window 2": Saviana Stanescu's "4 Alice" | Photo by Randy Gener Performance review | Seeing the Romanian Cultural Institute’s “Window” through Alice’s looking glass - The Window is a unique theatrical experience, because enigma is a principal aspect of its charms. An inspiring two-part site-specific performance-design project created and directed by Ana Mărgineanu for the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York (RCINY), The Window asks you to pay close attention if you happen to stroll by RCINY's storefront spaces.
Ramtin Zad, Luna Park, Resurrection series, 2011, Acrylic on fiberglass, 18 x 24cm | Photo courtesy of Etemad Dubai Iranian painter fuses kabuki, Bosch, Persian folklore in Dubai solo show - Judging from Zad's paintings in the catalogue, I would add that his work draws a great deal of its energy from the lush anarchy of the 15th-century paintings of Hieronymus Bosch
Performance art by María José Arjona Soho gallery presents performance art by Maria Jose Arjona, a Colombian - "Sound as fluid, sound as connector, sound as image, sound as memory, sound, body, sound...time suspended in and by a gesture...also a sound...a minimal voice."
Michael Douglas ©AFP / Valery Hache Because it Cannes: Agence France Presse wraps French city with glamorous photos of movie stars - The selected photos in Cannes have a lot of pointing and waving in them: Alfred Hitchcock fingering the viewer directly, Michael Douglas waving in the air, Tony Curtis also pointing a finger, Quentin Tarantino with two palms up in the air, and Sophia Loren also with her arms up
"The Window" at Romanian Cultural Institute in New York | Photo by Randy Gener Performance review: Watch a storefront story from a New York sidewalk in this Romanian-American collaboration - "The Window" succeeds in its creative transformation of an otherwise nondescript building space that is normally used as a bookstore, a reception area or a meeting place. If you did know that there is a Romanian consulate and cultural services in that corner of the neighborhood, you definitely will remember that piece of information the next time you pass by.
Randy Gener hosts daily gallery talks at "From the Edge" in Prague | Photo by RG Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 1 | From The Edge - IT’S PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL WEEK on Postcards from the Inge! Randy agreed to talk with me about the PQ, and there’s so much in this interview I want to share with you that I’m going to post it in three parts, so look for the second installment here and the third installment here.
Paul Zaloom and Pat Oleszko in exhibition | Photo by Randy Gener Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 2 | Active Searching & The Value of the Prague Quadrennial - The following interview originally appeared in Postcards from the Inge, a blog. It is re-posted here with the kind permission of the author. Interview by AMANDA WHITE THIETJE Here is the second installment of my interview with Randy Gener, curatorial adviser and co-creator of the USA national pavilion “From the Edge,” about the Prague Quadrennial.  I’ve included… Read More
"From the Edge," the USA national pavilion at Prague National Gallery | Photo by Randy Gener Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 3 | A Ripple Effect - "The future is increasingly becoming hyper-local and immersive. The designers of the future will have to provide valuable insights into how, why and where we create new performance environments. They will determine the shape of theatre architecture to come. What’s the matter with Kansas if it cannot see that the techniques of illusion shape our reality, and not the other way around?"
Designer Rosemarie McKelvey's paper dress for "Extremely Public Displays of Privacy" | Photo by Rosemarie McKelvey Prague diaries: Philadelphia designers and practitioners talk about how performance design affected their works and processes - PHILADELPHIA:  The travel narratives below track impact and chronicle artistic learning.  A costume designer encounters a Czech fashion designer in a workshop and suddenly can’t stop creating garments out of paper.  A composer/sound designer records raw audio heard in the streets of Prague (music, lectures, everyday sounds) and decides to incorporate them in an upcoming… Read More
Brian Sidney Bembridge's model for "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" | Photo by Randy Gener Curatorial essay: Exhibiting a country on the edge, a U.S. approach to performance design - Vibrating within a new discipline that is up for grabs, From the Edge proposes one approach toward an American version of performance design. Future curatorial teams will really have to find the courage to contend with the challenge of displaying the U.S. anew in a competitive international environment.
Caribbean Carnival Artist Peter Minshall Designing carnivals: Trinidad’s foremost Caribbean carnival artist lectures at Yale Rep, March 23 - NEW HAVEN, CONN.:  The Caribbean‘s leading Carnival artist will lecture on how “to play mas.” On Friday, March 25, 2:30 to 5pm, the Caribbean artist Peter Minshall will give a talk, entitled “Blue Devils, Bats and Fancy Sailors,” in which he will detail the “mas,” a form of creative expression in the Trinidad Carnival. The… Read More
Logo for Pablo Helguera's "The Well Tempered Exhibition" at Location One Mexico-born performance artist Pablo Helguera reinterprets Bach’s fugue into year-long “Well-Tempered Exposition” - NEW YORK CITY:  On September 21, the New York-based, Mexico-born performance artist and scholar Pablo Helguera kicks off his ambitious year-long project, The Well-Tempered Exposition, at Location One, located at 23 Greene Street in downtown SoHo in New York City. Location One‘s 2011-2012 Senior Artist-in-Residence, Helguera is putting together a series of 24 events in which… Read More
White House appoints visual artist Teresita Fernández to U.S. Commission of Fine Arts - Members of the arts panel play a key role in shaping Washington’s architecture by approving the site and design of national memorials and museums; advise the U.S. Mint on the design of coins and medals
In Adelaide, William Yang pays photographic tribute to the one and only Pina Bausch - "She was camera shy, wouldn't look at the camera, so it was difficult to get her picture," says the photographer and performance artist William Yang. "Her dancers held her in high esteem, revered her, regarded her as the guru. In an interview she was asked how she chose her dancers, and her reply, as I remember, was, '...if I could somehow love them.' "
When Spectacle kisses the lips of Intimacy — Intersection hits the European road after Prague - PRAGUE:  In Intersection, pairs of distant lovers could be spotted giving each other tight embraces inside a structure of 30 white boxes. Theater hooked up with Visual Arts. Scenography cuddled with Installation. Architecture submitted to the caprices and desires of Public Space. Spectacle kissed Intimacy’s lips. During the 11 days of the Prague Quadrennial for Performance… Read More
“From the Edge,” USITT / USA’s national pavilion at Prague Quadrennial, displays American performing garage in the age of Obama - Artistic director Susan Tsu was interested in uncovering the socio- political themes facing performance makers in the USA over the past 4 years.
Help us bring American artists to Prague Quadrennial, the Olympics of Design - Pat Oleszko and Paul Zaloom are American performance activists. These two brilliant artists are slated to perform live as part of the USA National Exhibit, FROM THE EDGE (Susan Tsu, artistic director) our country’s official entry to the Prague Quadrennial (PQ). I hope you don’t mind if I ask:  Would you be willing to help us… Read More
Théâtre et cité: Cycle de conférences 2010-2011 à l’Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Nantes -   Comme dans tous ses spectacles, avec Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir, le Soleil propose au spectateur un voyage dans l’espace et le temps. Un bateau, un naufrage, une île déserte, des émigrants en quête d’un nouveau monde… vu à travers le tournage mouvementé d’un film muet dans une Guinguette nommée Le Fol Espoir, tournage… Read More