9 Selfies from Outer Space

ABOVE PLANET EARTH |  Have you ever wanted to walk in outer space?  Have you dreamed about what it is like to jog while orbiting our planet Earth? Lucky you. Since this past January 2017, NASA astronauts and flights engineers on board the spacecraft Expedition 50 have been fulfilling those daydreams and showing us how it goes… Read More

TAKING IT FROM THE FINNS | In Finland, my hours with the Nordic wolves

Feeling the heat | One midsummer night in Tampere, three Finnish guys handed me their sausages. We had just met in a park, they invited me into their circle, and later we hung out together feeling the heat inside the sauna of one of their nearby houses. Would you have accepted their offer and placed the sausages in your mouth? Read More

ANTHONY CHISHOLM | One of America’s Greatest Stage Actors

NEW YORK CITY |  Anthony Chisholm is a quintessential August Wilson actor.  I sat with with Chisholm to talk about Wilson; in our conversation Chisholm was quick to get “in character,” instinctually inhabiting everyone he referenced, from characters in Wilson’s plays to August Wilson himself. Interviewed at the Cort Theater on Broadway, Chisholm has acted in six of… Read More

New Pennsylvania report finds state spending impacts student performance in rural schools

New Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children Report underscores need for sustained education funding increases. Read More


Fake degrees. Resume lies. Cheating. Academic dishonesy — all are prevalent in colleges and universities

97% of the admitted cheaters say that they have never been identified as cheating. 76% copied word for word someone else’s assignments. 79% of the students surveyed admitted to plagiarizing their assignments from the Internet or citing sources when appropriate. Read More