INVESTED PREMISES in the Culture of One World | Photo by Arto Marttinen

A NEW BRAIN | Can the injured brain heal itself?

For five weeks, In the Culture of One World is proud to display A NEW BRAIN. Regular people are presently coping with head injuries, concussions and clinical efforts to combat both traumatic and acquired brain injuries.  This special edition consists of a selection of 8 real-life stories about fostering new dreams where once there were none. Find stories about neurologists, advocates and clinical researchers who are working to make a difference. Meet true-blue fighters — ...
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In the Matrix of Mentoring

WHO MENTORED YOU? | Five big-name mentors on how they chose their protégés By Randy Gener Mentorships are set up between two people who meet regularly on a volunteer basis. A mentee is ready to accomplish whatever they are setting out to do. What they need is someone who has been where they want to go, and can reassure them when inevitable obstacles pop up. As well as knowledge, wisdom and experience, mentors provide mentees ...
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Inside a Cabal of Arts Presenters

| NEW YORK CITY | At the beginning of every January, the performing arts industry gather for five days of professional development, business deals and exciting performances. Throves of performing arts leaders, artists, managers, agents and presenters descend upon New York City to discuss important trends in performing arts, to explore challenges and opportunities anticipated for the future, and to conduct business by showcasing artists and connecting them to audiences in the U.S. and around ...
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