American Theater’s major designer Susan Tsu grabs lifetime achievement award - Who was Irene Sharaff, the legend whose name graces this prestigious award? She was a Broadway costume designer. Elegance and an attention to detail were the trademarks of Sharaff. She was justly revered as a designer of enormous depth and intelligence.
GET TO KNOW | Brit musician Scanner scans landscapes and video design - An electronic musicians give examples of how the Internet has changed the way sounds are produced.
VIDEO | Monsieur Space on building theatre today - JEAN-GUY LECAT ON BUILDING THEATRE TODAY: "The difference between a true space and one that is not lies in the criteria that favours or disfavours life. That which favours this concentration is thus legitimate while that which shies away from it is not.
CONVERSATION | Jean-Guy Lecat talks about creating a Theatre for a New Audience in Brooklyn on Jan. 5th - TFANA will host a series of free public discussions about how theatrical design can support art.
PERFORMANCE DESIGN? | Ghost train from Bulgaria speeds through Berlin - HR-Stamenov's The Phenomenon of W24°58'59,43″ N42°07'55,29″ is very much a site-specific, media, sound and light installation. This time, he toys with the image of a ghost metro train which has traveled throughout Europe and suddenly appears in Berlin. It ignores physics, gaps between buildings, space and time.
BUT IS IT PERFORMANCE DESIGN? | Tino Sehgal’s “This situation” dreamily implicates the art experience, and quite likely elite academia itself - "The situation" is purely experiential, engaging viewers immediately in real time and space to implore a questioning of the art experience, and experience itself. If "This situation" is not a work of performance design, I don't know what is. It is not surprising to learn that Sehgal is a trained choreographer; he composes what is then physically interpreted by non-actors, actors and dancers, and in the case of "This Situation," intellectuals.
CONFERENCE ON BREAKING BOUNDARIES | The early marriage of Theater, Architecture and the Visual Arts - This conference, "Ephemeral and Permanent," focuses on the interrelations of the visual arts and the dramatic arts in Rome broadly between 1300 and 1700. In this context, scenography and pageantry apparatus were as much the domain of visual artists as painting, sculpture, and architecture.
IN EXHIBITION | Tyler Rollins Fine Art hosts Philippine artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio - The works in The Future That Was exhibitions in New York and Manila are reflections upon the structures and ideas that produce, frame and promote art and design. Philippine artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio weaves an open-ended narrative that examines notions of innovation and novelty, timeliness and timelessness, particularly as they relate to the language of design and fashion. She is interested in how material, fabrication, and intention combine to form an object that then takes on a life of its own.
PHOTO GALLERY | Road to opening night of “From the Edge: Performance Design in the Divided States of America” - This slideshow documents the second part of the process. We want to share the work we did in Prague to Americans. We wanted a gallery environment in New York to house the works. And we hope to inspire the next batch of curators and producers to create their own USA national space for the 2015 Prague Quadrennial.
"Appomattox" (model), an opera staged by Robert Woodruff, takes the audience back to the end of the Civil War | Photo by Randy Gener CURATORIAL ESSAY | From the Edge: Performance Design in the Divided States of America - I would go so far to say that, after post-structuralism, communication is now the dominant force in design innovations. PQ provides designers with an international art-based platform where they can wrest back the current valorization of time-based performance modes, which visual artists have ruthlessly co-opted for their own ends
Temporary Distortion exhibited in "From the Edge" | Photo by Randy Gener INTERVIEW Part 2 | From the Edge: Active Searching & The Value of the Prague Quadrennial - "These events, on a practical level, raise the public’s level of awareness of the importance of good creative design. They affirm the professionalism and creativity of outstanding designers and theater architects. And these events have demonstrated an economic impact to the countries that host them."
Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 3 | A Ripple Effect - The following interview originally appeared in Postcards from the Inge, a blog. It is re-posted here with the kind permission of the author. Interview by AMANDA WHITE THIETJE Well, here it is, friends—the final installment of the Randy Gener trilogy.  Thank you for tuning in this week to read Randy’s words, and many thanks to Mr. Gener… Read More
Collage of Rivka S. Katvan photographs in "Broadway Behind the Curtain" at Soho Photo Gallery in NYC | Photo by Randy Gener Slide show | Alan Cumming, Rivka S. Katvan, Tom Viola, Randy Gener talk fine-art photography and Broadway behind the curtain - Please join Gallery 138 and Soho Photo Gallery on Wednesday Sept 12, 6-8 pm at Soho Photo Gallery,15 White Street, in NYC for: BROADWAY BEHIND THE CURTAIN Conversations on Photography and Broadway with Alan Cumming, Rivka S. Katvan & Tom Viola RSVP is required as space is limited., or 212 633 0324 ALAN CUMMING,… Read More
Maurice Goldberg, Streamlined Railway Train, ca. 1930-1933 | Image courtesy of the Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation / Harry Ransom Center “I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America” exhibit looks back to America’s future - "I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America" explores the career of American stage and industrial designer, futurist and urban planner Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958). The exhibition opens September 11, 2012 in Austin. It runs through January 6, 2013.
"The Window 2": Saviana Stanescu's "4 Alice" | Photo by Randy Gener Performance review | Seeing the Romanian Cultural Institute’s “Window” through Alice’s looking glass - The Window is a unique theatrical experience, because enigma is a principal aspect of its charms. An inspiring two-part site-specific performance-design project created and directed by Ana Mărgineanu for the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York (RCINY), The Window asks you to pay close attention if you happen to stroll by RCINY's storefront spaces.
"The Window" at Romanian Cultural Institute in New York | Photo by Randy Gener Performance review: Watch a storefront story from a New York sidewalk in this Romanian-American collaboration - "The Window" succeeds in its creative transformation of an otherwise nondescript building space that is normally used as a bookstore, a reception area or a meeting place. If you did know that there is a Romanian consulate and cultural services in that corner of the neighborhood, you definitely will remember that piece of information the next time you pass by.
Paul Zaloom and Pat Oleszko in exhibition | Photo by Randy Gener Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 2 | Active Searching & The Value of the Prague Quadrennial - The following interview originally appeared in Postcards from the Inge, a blog. It is re-posted here with the kind permission of the author. Interview by AMANDA WHITE THIETJE Here is the second installment of my interview with Randy Gener, curatorial adviser and co-creator of the USA national pavilion “From the Edge,” about the Prague Quadrennial.  I’ve included… Read More
"From the Edge," the USA national pavilion at Prague National Gallery | Photo by Randy Gener Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 3 | A Ripple Effect - "The future is increasingly becoming hyper-local and immersive. The designers of the future will have to provide valuable insights into how, why and where we create new performance environments. They will determine the shape of theatre architecture to come. What’s the matter with Kansas if it cannot see that the techniques of illusion shape our reality, and not the other way around?"
Brian Sidney Bembridge's model for "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity" | Photo by Randy Gener Curatorial essay: Exhibiting a country on the edge, a U.S. approach to performance design - Vibrating within a new discipline that is up for grabs, From the Edge proposes one approach toward an American version of performance design. Future curatorial teams will really have to find the courage to contend with the challenge of displaying the U.S. anew in a competitive international environment.
USITT USA National Pavilion at Prague Quadrennial: "From the Edge" American theater under the sign of Obama: “From the Edge,” USA pavilion at Prague Quadrennial, makes American debut - The USA-USITT Design Exhibit team recommends people experience the exhibit more than once while at the Long Beach Conference & Stage Expo promising the interior collage will be different every time you stop by. Gallery talks at the exhibit will provide an opportunity to learn about the exhbit from those intimately involved in its creatio