The Loyal Son by Daniel Mark Epstein THE LOYAL SON: THE WAR IN BEN FRANKLIN’S HOUSE, a biography by Daniel Mark Epstein - Ben Franklin is the most lovable of America’s founding fathers. This book concerns his complex and confounding relationship with his illegitimate son William.
Time for Spring Cleaning | CLEAN MY SPACE, apartment therapy by Melissa Maker - The book is filled with eco-conscious housekeeping tips and DIY-style aromatherapy recipes to cheer up both your home and headspace.
A SHORT STORY | “Letter from Kentucky” by J.D. Daniels - J. D. Daniels’s essays reveal a sharp, ironic intelligence and a keen sense of rhythm. His work has an exhilarating nimbleness, the ability to pivot or shift within a sentence and open up new territory.
Poetry Matters e.e. cummings POETRY MATTERS | A gentle poet gives a timely, passionate defense of the poetic. - Author Jay Parini argues that poetry offers a way to sanity and clarity, helping us to see ourselves and our world.
DISSENT VS. DIPLOMACY | Did the US exact revenge against Bulgarian-German writer Ilija Trojanov for his critique of America’s NSA surveillance powers? - Ilija Trojanov, a Bulgarian-German author, was on his way to a Denver conference of the German Studies Association, and had been issued an invitation to appear at the Goethe-Institut’s "New Literature From Europe" Festival in November. “Barring Mr. Trojanov, an outspoken critic of America’s controversial surveillance powers, from attending an academic conference in the United States will hardly calm the anxiety our colleagues around the world are feeling about America’s electronic spying,” said Suzanne Nossel, executive director of PEN American Center.
JOURNALS | Feminist art journal tackles Pussy Riot case, Occupy LA, Venice Biennale, post-dictatorship Argentinian women artists - n.paradoxa continues its mission to publish in-depth critical articles on contemporary women artists from around the world drawing on feminist theory in each volume.
"24 Gun Control Plays" (NoPassport Press) edited by Caridad Svich, Zac Kline NOPASSPORT BOOK | New play collection supports gun control, calls for action - The question of guns is a serious theatrical issue and not just a political one, because guns are frequently a crucial feature in drama. This play collection support gun control.
"Marco Anelli: Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic " “Marco Anelli: Portraits in the Presence of Marina Abramovic” - After becoming an internet sensation, Marco Anelli's powerful portraits of sitters in the historic 2010 Marina Abramovic performance at the Museum of Modern Art, New York are now collected and available in their entirety in this volume
Portrait of "Virginia Woolf" by Roger Fry, 1912 A festival of her own: Cambridge celebrates Virginia Woolf novel “To the Lighthouse” with myriad events - CAMBRIDGE, U.K.:  To the Lighthouse has just come out of copyright. Fans of this enduringly popular novel by Virginia Woolf are being invited to come to Cambridge for two weeks this autumn to attend a series of Woolf-themed events that draw on this wonderful novel and its author. University of Cambridge’s Corpus College and Fitzwilliam Museum… Read More
Iran’s Fajr International Theatre Festival releases book of criticism - TEHRAN, IRAN:   The 29th edition of the Fajr International Theatre Festival has just wrapped up this past February, with the majority of the awards going to Iran, Germany, Italy and Estonia.  The international discussions continue though with the March publication of “About the Phenemenon of Theatre,” a book of critical essays and scholarly articles from this annual festival held in… Read More
Book Review: Actor Martin Moran comes to terms with abuse in “The Tricky Part” - THE TRICKY PART: A BOY’S STORY OF SEXUAL TRESPASS, A MAN’S JOURNEY TO FORGIVENESS. By Martin Moran, Anchor Books, New York City. 304 pp, $14 paper.   You can rage against the bastard. You can name the pervert’s name, unloading years of hurt and secrecy and disgust, and dredge up the feelings of righteous anger… Read More