Elsa Snowpowers in the film "Frozen"

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"El Norte"—35 years after its original theatrical Release, the Oscar-nominated classic remains the quintessential film about immigration from Central America to the U.S. The movie will play on more than

Award-winning director Oliver Stone joins Democracy Now! in studio today for an extended interview about the 50th anniversary of the assassination

Actors Jörg Pose and Katharina Behrens in Andreas Kreigenburg's "From the Life of Marionettes" | Photo courtesy of Dramaten

This is the second half of a 2-part essay. The brand name of Ingmar Bergman is now a system of signs that express other ideas.

So what happened to change the Bergmanian tide? Money and the swift canonization of a once reluctant Swedish dramatist-turned-film-icon are the quick answers.

In 2014 the festival will take it's starting point as Berwick's position at the heart of what was once known as the "debatable lands," with an identity neither English nor

Golden Globes

Have you noticed that the French and the Scandinavians dominate this year's Golden Globe nominees for best foreign language films? To a disproportionate degree. So what exactly happened that only