Summer 2019

8 Real-Life Stories on How to Survive Brain Injuries

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Here are 8 stories of surviving brain injury. Regular people are presently coping with head injuries, concussions and clinical efforts to combat both traumatic and acquired brain injuries. This special edition consists of a selection of 8 real-life stories about fostering new dreams where once there were none.
Hope exists. Amazingly, the brain can repair itself.
After experiencing a brain injury herself, Emilia Becker, a Canadian, decided to share her story with others to raise awareness
One of a handful of women physicians in professional football, she treats such high-profile patients as the Giants' quarterback Eli Manning, who suffered a head injury.
In recent years, bias-related crimes have surged 30% across NY State against people of color, ethnic minorities and LGBT people.
Which tastes better? Brownies or Cookies? To find out, they did a Bake Off. | Photography by Lyndon Davis