2014 Carvan Showcase
2014 Carvan Showcase

BRIGHTON, UK |  The 2014 caravan showcase will present a program of the best new English performance to a selection of international and national promoters, festival organizers and presenters as part of the Brighton Festival. The ambition is to create the conditions for England’s theater makers to develop international collaborations, tours and exchanges.

Proposals are being sought from professional, England-based theater and performance artists and companies interested in being a part of the caravan 2014 showcase.

caravan is a three-day showcase of site specific, interactive and incidental performance presented as part of Brighton Festival (United Kingdom). The curated program features England’s most exciting artists from established international names to the brightest new talent.

caravan is a convivial event designed to encourage artists, commissioners, programmers and potential collaborators to explore new ways of working together, to share ambitions and to reach new audiences.

What to expect in 2014 caravan?

  • Three days spent in Brighton in the spring by the seaside,
  • Meeting some of the best performance companies from across England
  • Participating companies and artists can present their work in a select program of full length pieces.
  • Or a program of site-sensitive work (an opportunity for companies to present work that does not sit within a traditional theatre space)
  • Or a pitch session (a series of short sessions to pitch ideas or projects to an invited audience of international producers and presenters).
  • Marketplace (an open session for companies and presenters to introduce themselves within an informal gathering).

The three days will be comprised of a number of complete productions, some showing as part of the Brighton Festival, and all lasting for around an hour.  The next caravan showcase is from May 11 to 13, 2014.

The caravan showcase is able to host up to 60 international and national delegates providing hotel accommodation and/or contribution to international travel.  For more information please contact Fiona Baxter.

Companies/artists that are selected will also receive one-to-one mentoring in the lead up to the showcase to ensure that they can make the most of any opportunities that arise as a result of their participation in the caravan 2014 showcase.

caravan 2014 (11-13 May) is able to host 60 international and national delegates – providing hotel accommodation and/or a contribution to international travel

Deadline for submissions: 17 October at 10.00 AM

Find all details online.

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