Late-night TV shows are not the forte for Congressman John K. Delaney of Maryland, who joined the 2020 Democratic list of presidential candidates as far back as July 2017. So early was his entry that you would think he would at least have shown up in the TV shows of Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah, who both accept guest appearances by politicians.

In some ways, Delaney’s reluctance to be a TV guest runs counter to logic. Late-night television shows, to a good extent, influence how the audience views political candidates. Turning to a late-night comedy show rather than counting on cable news to successfully campaign for the U.S. Presidency makes sense, especially for a Democratic candidate seeking a large, young and mostly sympathetic audience.

The stakes are high, comedian Trevor Noah said. “With the election a mere 496 days away,” the “Daily Show” host pointed out, candidates “could go from, ‘Who is that?’ to, ‘Oh, yeah, that guy.’”

[1] Delaney’s guest spot in “The View.”

Nevertheless, there is one show that Delaney has definitely target. It’s daytime show. It’s called “The View” on ABC. In it, the presidential candidate weighed in on President Donald Trump’s remarks on notifying FBI of information. Delaney called foreign intel on 2020 opponents “un-American.”

Full episodes:

[2] Delaney tips his hat to Trevor Noah

Delaney’s performance during the Democratic debates was praised by the comedian Trevor Noah in his Comedy Central show.

Who is the real Delaney anyway? What makes him stand out from the pack? On immigration, he supports a pathway to citizenship and wants to increase refugee resettlement caps. On climate change, Delaney supports a federal carbon tax and wants the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords. On healthcare, he wants to preserve the Affordable Care Act and allow the government to negotiate drug prices. According to Business Insider, Delaney also supports legal access to abortions and wants to ban conversion therapy.

[3]NBC Washington tells us 5 facts you should know about him.

[4]Here’s another introduction, this time from YT Wochit Vote It using


[5] TV ads paid for by Friends of John Delaney

In late July 2019, Congressman John K. Delaney’s team began airing his newest television ad in Iowa. The spot titled, “Focusing on the Future” is running in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets. The spot argues that automation can create jobs overall, if elected officials take the proper steps to prepare and prioritize workers. Delaney will make multiple trips to Iowa next month, including speaking at the Iowa State Fair and the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding on August 10th. Delaney first went on television in Iowa on Super Bowl Sunday in February.

[6] Delaney on MSNBC

Presidential candidate John Delaney said Democrats in Iowa and across the country should nominate a centrist/moderate candidate like him in 2020. In this video, he joined TV news anchor Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what he has learned after nearly two years campaigning.

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