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NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ has released a list of 20 top, online DBA programs.

This online DBA program ranking presents 20 of the top 100% online DBA programs. This list tries to include only those programs that have absolutely zero onsite or on-campus requirements.

In gathering data from numerous websites, the major criterion was placed upon whether the DBA program is 100% online. Effort was made to include only DBA programs that are fully online with zero residency requirements. Some exceptions were made if a program has very minimal onsite requirements. The list of top 20 online DBA programs are presented in no particular order.

Today’s business leader must be able to adjust to rapid changes that technology and globalization create. This means that business leaders must not only be sound in their morals, money and human resource management, they must also be aware of new developments and how to critically analyze and implement advances in the many areas of business administration.

Coupled with the fast-changing landscape of technology and the global economy, most business leaders are working professionals who must juggle daily career responsibilities along with pursuing advanced education. A Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) can provide business professionals with the theoretical knowledge, critical thinking skills, research tools as well as application opportunities to advance their careers, achieve greater stability and earn higher pay.

According to researcher, Jared Goff, “As business has become more complex and internationalized the demands upon business administrators have increased. Earning an online DBA is an effective way in which working business professionals can get the education they need to be more effective leaders and earn better pay. Now advanced, high quality DBA degree programs are offered totally online and according to the needs of individual students, greatly expanding the learning opportunities for those who can’t engage in a more traditional degree program.”

The Top 20 Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programs of 2017:

  1. California Intercontinental University – Irvine, California
  2. Walden University – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  3. LIGS University – Honolulu, Hawaii
  4. California Southern University – Irvine, California
  5. University of Management and Technology – Arlington, Virginia
  6. Westcliff University – Irvine California
  7. American University of Leadership – Orlando, Florida
  8. William Howard Taft University – Denver, Colorado
  9. Anaheim University – Anaheim, California
  10. Baker College – Flint, Michigan
  11. Colorado Technical University – Colorado Springs, Colorado
  12. Wilmington University – New Castle, Delaware
  13. Apollos University – Helena, Montana
  14. Athabasca University – Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
  15. City University of Seattle – Seattle, Washington
  16. Liverpool University Online – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  17. Felician University – Rutherford, New Jersey
  18. Liberty University Online – Lynchburg, Virginia
  19. George Fox University – Newburg, Oregon
  20. Saint Leo University – Saint Leo, Florida

The ranking can be viewed here:

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