Teatro del Fuoco – International firedancing festival.

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Teatro del Fuoco – International firedancing festival.

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SICILY, ITALY |  Perhaps the most bewitching summer festival will take place at the Aeolian Islands and in Palermo in Italy from July 26 to August 3, 2013.  It is the sixth edition of Teatro del Fuoco, an international fire-dancing festival.

Teatro del Fuoco is the only festival of theater, dance, acrobatics and fire in Italy. It was created in Stromboli (a volcanic island off the north coast of Sicily) in 2008. It began traveling around the country since 2010. Drawing heavily from nature and its elements, the festival has hopped to Lipari, Lingfield, Ustica, Vulcano, Salina and now Palermo.

Already it has been garlanded with awards; it received a medal from the president of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano for its high cultural value. And why not? Just from the photos, it looks like it will light up the soul with spectacles held in the Roman amphitheater, located on the top of the Castello, the old palace of Eolo, which towers the isle and its blue sea.

 Teatro del Fuoco - International firedancing festival.
Teatro del Fuoco - International firedancing festival.

It’s open to everyone. People can take part in street games, parades, dance and acrobatic workshops. If you play your cards right, you might even assist at the show in the castle.

The expression of the body in motion, the sublimation of the forms, and of course the spirit of fire are the tools of Teatro del Fuoco. The theme this year is “Burning desire.”

“Burning desire means to want to continue to get up after a fall, to be creative and to achieve the purpose,” says event creator Amerlia Bucalo Triglia. “Theatre of Fire represents an added value for tourism and cultural offering in Sicily.”

Fire becomes the metaphorical symbol the spirit of the Mediterranean people, its nature, the ancient tradition, an electrical conductor of all the previous editions, Past themes were “Energy” (2008), “Transformation” (2009), “God and Myths of Fire” (2010), “Passion” (2011), “Female” (2012).

Intrigued? Visit the Teatro del Fuoco website at www.teatrodelfuoco.com. As Oscar Wilde once said, “The great advantage of playing with fire is that you never burn yourself. It is only those who don’t know how to play, who get completely burnt.” -rg

 Teatro del Fuoco - International firedancing festival
Teatro del Fuoco - International firedancing festival
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