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SAN JOSE, Calif., July 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ | Children’s book author Linda Herron gives her firsthand account of the differences between twins, celebrating their unique identities in her new book Mac & Madi’s Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday! Published by Linda Herron in June 2019 and available now for $17.99 on, and available at bookstores, libraries and schools around the world through IngramSpark.

In this debut of what is promised to be a series of Mac and Madi’s adventures, Linda Herron challenges the stereotypes associated with twins. As a twin herself, Herron knows all too well about growing up with the assumption that you and your twin are a carbon copy of one another. Featuring these everyday situations like birthday parties and school days throughout her book, Linda Herron highlights the importance of individuality in an unlikely relationship with identical twins. Rather than confining them to the traits that ensure they are identical in all aspects, she inspires twins to grow as individuals with confidence like all other siblings, according to the press release.

Author Herron says, “May you embrace your likeness, learn how to grow as individuals, and love your journey as best friends!”

Mac & Madi’s Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday is an inspiring and educational story which is beautifully illustrated, according to the press release. The story will captivate readers on their best birthday bash ever – they’re doing things differently this year. Join Mac & Madi on their journey as they discover and share their differences and likeness.

The book has already attracted the likes of Dr. Barbara Klein Ph.D., an author, and psychologist who has done extensive research on the development of twin identity. Dr. Klein reviewed Herron’s book, “Finally, a book on twins and their friends and families that acknowledges differences as normal and celebrates unique aspects of each child’s identity.”

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Born and raised in Rhode Island and she now resides in San Jose, CA. She enjoys sharing children stories about being an identical twin. Her latest book depicts an important message that Linda knows is easily relatable for children. When she isn’t writing Children’s Books she provides strategic consulting that transforms businesses by boosting profitability as the CEO of SimpliProfit. Her financial expertise has been mentioned in media outlets including American Express, Lending Tree and Daily Business News.

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