Norrköping Air in Sweden
Norrköping Air in Sweden

NORRKOPING, SWEDEN |  Artists working on time-based art and process-based art are being invited to send two-page proposals to live and work in Sweden.

Norrköping Air is a two-year experimental residency program organized by Vision Forum, Verkstad and Linköpings universitet. The program will run summer 2013 and summer 2014. Norrköping Air is supported by IASPIS, Norrköpings kommun and Östsam.

Norrköping Air offers three artists the opportunity to live and work in Norrköping, Sweden from June 1 to August 31, 2014. It is the second year that Norrköping Air is offering this summer residency to artists from all over the world to develop projects in dialogue with the Norrköping Air team and Swedish institutions.

Norrköping Air focuses specifically on time-based art and process-based practices. It is particularly interested in work that can be presented in public spaces of the urban landscape or work that is site-specific, experimental and challenges or looks for alternatives to existing ideas, forms and norms.

It is looking for projects to be developed in tandem with the other two residents’ practices and in dialogue with Norrköping Air’s partners in the region.

Norrköping Air puts great value in that the applicant should be willing to collaborate with the local art scene(s) and institutions that the residency is connected to. During the residency, the applicant should develop work that ideally will be shown in the second half of 2014.

Among other cost covered, each selected resident will receive a 15,000 SEK grant per month for the three months of June, July and August 2014 as well as accommodation and at least one return ticket to the artist’s country of residence.

Deadline for submissions: 7 November. For application materials, click here.


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