"hotink at the Lark" in New York City

NEW YORK CITY |  Submissions to “hotINK at the Lark 2012” are now open.

“hotINK” is a festival of new plays that brings together playwrights from abroad with U.S. directors and actors to introduce new work from around the world to New York audiences.

"hotink at the Lark" in New York CityThis past year, hotINK at the Lark featured work by Nikolai Khalezin (Belarus), Ivan Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Suzie Bastien and Michael Mackenzie (Canada), Giorgos Neophytou (Cyprus), Jessica Cooke (Ireland), Aleksey Scherbak (Latvia), Taher Najib (Israel-Palestine), Linda McLean (Scotland) and Jean Tay(Singapore) and directors and actors from the New York theater, including Satya Bhabha, Reed Birney, Kathleen Chalfant, Alvin Epstein, Joe Grifasi, Adam LeFevre, Lisa Peterson, Elizabeth Rich, Lisa Rothe, Deborah Rush, Jay O. Sanders, Giovanna Sardelli, Heidi Schreck, Sturgis Warner and Tamilla Woodard.

“hotINK at the Lark 2013” is seeking to present new work by six playwrights from outside the United States in public readings at the Lark Play Development Center, April 17-22, 2013.

“Happily, thanks to a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, flights and accommodations for all selected writers will be provided by the Lark Play Development Center,” says Catherine Coray, hotINK program director.

Each play will be presented once, following a two-day workshop/rehearsal with a director and actors from the New York theater community. In addition, special events are planned for visiting playwrights and translators.

Readings are attended by fellow writers from U.S. and abroad, literary managers, producers, artistic directors, translators, dramaturgs, scholars, journalists, educators, students and New York theater audiences.


For more information, please email hotINK at the Lark Program Director Catherine Coray: Catherine@larktheatre.org.
Please read carefully:

Submission deadline: October 15, 2012.

Full-length plays in English from any country outside the U.S. that have not had productions in the U.S. are welcome.  We are currently unable to consider musicals.  We can only accept one play from each author.
Include in your submission:
1.       contact information, including email address
2.      a short author bio
3.       the name of translator, if applicable, and translator’s email address
4.      a short synopsis of the play and a list of characters, each briefly described.
5.       A description, in one page or less, of how you would use the hotINK at the Lark 2-day workshop to investigate and strengthen specific aspects of your play or translation. This information is vital to the Lark’s decision-making process. We ask that you be specific about your goals as possible.
6.      Author’s primary residence for the past X years must be outside the United States.
7.       Please also advise us as to your knowledge of English, so that we can provide the appropriate communication support. Proficiency in English is not expected or required of selected playwrights.
8.      If a selected play has been translated from another language, written permission from the translator must be provided.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Please email your submission, including script and supporting materials, in one PDF or Word document to:  hotink@larktheatre.org  by October 15, 2012.

Please Note:

  • Scripts not submitted according to the above guidelines will not be considered.
  • Selected playwrights will be notified by mid-December.
  • Travel to NYC for hotINK at the Lark, as well as accommodations for selected playwrights will be provided by the Lark Play Development Center
  • For more information, please email hotINK at the Lark Program Director Catherine Coray: catherine@larktheatre.org

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