The CYGNSS constellation, launched in 2016, is made up of eight microwave-sized satellites that monitor ocean wind speeds and hurricanes
US astronaut Shane Kimbrough took a space walk on January 13, 2023 as his shuttle orbited the Earth.


Everyday, NASA directly provides us with a different astronomy photograph of our fascinating universe — as well as the agency’s adventures in outer space.  Accompanying each image are brief explanations, often written by a professional astronomer and scientist or reported on occasion by an independent journalist.

See NASA astronauts circle around an ice-covered world right in our solar system.  Expect authentic insider views of the U.S. space agency.  Official NASA photographs from agency photographers chronicle what’s making news across the agency from launches and rocket landings to important discoveries in space science.  Look out for aerospace views — captured frequently by astronauts who conduct space walks as their satellite vehicles orbit our home planet. 

Have you seen that supermassive black hole at the center of spiral galaxy?  No, not yet?  NASA satellite and airborne instruments picture Earth every day to increase our knowledge of our home and improve lives. These images, shared with scientists and the public worldwide, may use visible light, like a photographer’s camera, or peer into infrared, microwave and radio wavelengths that are invisible to human eyes.

Our magnificent planet is always ready for its close-up.



GPS Antarctica | Proof that global warming impacts 3 icebergs to collapse

The Larsen Ice Shelf is situated along the northeastern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the fastest-warming places on the planet. In the past three decades, two large sections of the ice shelf (Larsen A and B) have collapsed. A third section (Larsen C) seems like it may be ...

NASA’s international space station flies over Venice on Valentine’s Day

Expedition 50 Flight Engineer Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency shared this photograph from the International Space Station on Feb. 14, 2017, writing, "Venice, city of gondoliers and the lovers they carry along the canals. Happy Valentine's Day!" ...

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It will showcase here more NASA’s exploits which gives them stellar views of Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Milky Way — and beyond.  View spiraling galaxies and supernova explosions deep in the cosmos.   Get hip to massive solar flares as they happen in real time.  NASA’s powerful cameras have been capturing spectacular and mind-boggling images of the universe.  With the space agency’s approval, we’ve handpicked a wealth of our favorite pictures.