Margo Jefferson, New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner and Best-selling Author

Margo Lillian Jefferson is a best-selling author ("Negroland" and "About Michael Jackson"), America's foremost literary and theatre critic at The New York Times, a Newsweek staff writer and a professor at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts.

Margo Lillian Jefferson

A first-rate writer and editor, Randy Gener understands culture in the deepest and widest sense: as news, as art, as politics, as media.  

Randy has an international — a global — perspective on culture that is enormously valuable and still too rare among editors and writers.  

— Margo Jefferson, best-selling author, Pulitzer Prize–winning critic and Columbia University professor.

MARGO JEFFERSON is the best-selling author of On Michael Jackson (2006) and Negroland: A Memoir (2015); Professor of Writing at Columbia University; New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner for Criticism; and recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts. She studied at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Brandeis University. She co-wrote Roots of Times: A Portrait of African Life and Culture, about economics, religion and art common to native Africans.

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