NY FASHION WEEK Nibble on Yulissa’s Creations, the future of specialty cakes

NEW YORK CITY |  Fashion Week 2016 is here in NYC.  You got invited to see an AMCONYC fashion show.  You came to check out the slinky women, dashing men and signature clothing line of what the fashion industry hopes will be the next big thing.

In fact, AMCONYC touts that “The Future of Fashion is Now.”

What happens when the specialty cupcakes call on you from across the crowded room?  Will you ditch the photographer and the social-media influencer in favor of the French-roasted butter pecan cakes by Yulissa’s Creations?  Would you rather lick the frosting on your fingertips — rather than daydream that maybe that sexy model will look and smile in your direction?

New York’s fashionistas beelined toward Yulissa’s Creations on Tuesday Feb. 16 at Studio 450 near Hudson Yards in NYC.  The occasion?  It was the AMCONYC‘s first Fashion Week showcase of what it considers some of best emerging/young designers in the city.

This season, AMCONYC partnered with the media outlet NYFW, Fashion Week Online, ABC, NY1 & New York Fashion Weekly Magazine. Make-Up Pro is their official Makeup Sponsor. Aveda is their official hair sponsor.

What you do not want to miss on Fashion Week are Yulissa’s mouthwatering creations.

At the event, Yulissa tells me that she specializes in designing custom-made cakes with unique and delicious flavors for all our special events! “Our main focus is on providing the best services with the highest level of customer satisfaction,” she said.

(Please email her at Yulissa@yulissascreations.com for inquiries and to place orders.)

Yulissa’s Creations offers cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and custom cookies for any special event (weddings, baby showers, birthdays, kids parties, just to mention a few). “Cakes can be done in Fondant, Butter cream, Chocolate molding, chocolate ganache with a different variety of fillings,” she said.

Yulissa - 6

Yulissa of Yulissa’s Creations at Fashion Week NYC

At AMCONYC’s Studio 54 venue, Yulissa will be on-hand to give away treats.  And they’re free.  The French-roasted butter pecan cakes are topped with a raspberry and chocolate-chip frosting.  And you know what’s deadlier? I’m going to cardio for a full hour so that I can dig into a box of her white chocolates with blueberry-truffle fillings.

When you meet Yulissa, you will be enamored of her sweet confidence and pride in her special-event cakes and creations. And she should.

Visit the website of Yulissa’s Creations at www.yulissascreations.com. There you will learn that the prices for sculpted cakes and treats are more than reasonable.

You can also join Yulissa on her Facebook page.

Yulissa’s Creations is a winner.


Special Events Cakes: $8 to $20 per serving depending on design and detail work
Cupcakes: $35 to $60 per dozen depending of design and Specialty flavors
Cake Pops: $30 to $45 per dozen depending on design and detail work.
Cookies: $35 to $50 per dozen depending on detail work.

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