Arts Leaders and Publishers of America’s National Theater

“Randy Gener has been a tremendous asset to American Theatre magazine ever since he was selected as a Jerome Foundation Affiliated Writer back in 1995-96, and especially since he joined the staff full-time in 2001.  

“Gener’s command of subjects is unequalled among his contemporaries.”  

—  Theatre Communications Group

“Randy is the kind of professional editor and journalist who depends upon a critical sensibility as the central impulse of his writing.  

“Even when he’s doing interviews or features or reportage, 
there’s an implicit recognition that what’s important is the artistry behind the information, the play behind the personality, the creative accomplishment behind the PR push.  

“The magazine is proud to have showcased his writing in 2007–08, a banner year in terms of the variety and richness of his contributions to the magazine.”

— Editors of American Theatre magazine

About Randy Gener | is a NYC-based production, event and media project devoted to U.S. news, foreign diplomacy, cultural issues, innovative art projects and journalism in the public interest. Learn more about the proprietor at

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