RUNWAY FASHION | From Haiti with self-love, Kréyol rises at NY Fashion Week

Post-runway-show impromptu fashion shoot at Studio 54 in NYC. @iamkreyol @amconyc

Post-runway-show impromptu fashion shoot at Studio 54 in NYC. @iamkreyol @amconyc


February 16, 2023
8 pm
Studio 450 in NYC

NEW YORK |  Kréyol is a woman’s high-end fashion brand that “aims to impact the world one garment at a time,” Kréyol promoters say. “We promote strength, self-love, and individuality. Kréyol is about making a statement.”

New York’s fashionistas made a beeline to see on Kréyol’s runway show Tuesday Feb. 16 at Studio 450 near Hudson Yards in NYC. The occasion? It was the glitzy AMCONYC‘s Fashion Week showcase of what this promotion/marketing company considers some of best emerging/young designers in the city.

It was a fun show. This winter season, AMCONYC partnered with the media outlet NYFW, Fashion Week Online, ABC, NY1 & New York Fashion Weekly Magazine. Make-Up Pro is their official Makeup Sponsor. Aveda is their official hair sponsor.

People often ask, “Why the name Kréyol? Is it just a Haitian thing?”

Well, yes, to some extent. “To make something of themselves, my grandmother was a seamstress, and my grandfather made leather goods. He made a duffel bags and messenger bags with their hands. They were able to see all their five children [go] to college and [to] create.”


Kreyol model squad |  Photo by @regal_wrench

But, according to Kréyol‘s people, their fashion goes beyond the brand’s origins. “The influence behind the name is our Haitian heritage. However, when one looks into creole elements, we find that there are so many people from different parts of the world that consider themselves to be of this culture. From different parts of the world that consider themselves to be of this culture.”

They continue: “Our food, music, customs, style, struggles and strength are very similar. It matters not that you are from Haiti or New Orleans or Cape Verde or Brazil. We all see life in color.”

Given that philosophy, Kréyol represents vibrance, color, resilience and boldness.

“No matter where we come from or what we look like, we’ve all known pain and struggle, victory and joy. That is what Kréyol represents.”

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