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“His essays wed critical intelligence with a beat reporter’s love of the telling and unruly fact. In one piece, Gener argues that, at its best, criticism is ‘a cultural asset, one of the bases on which democracy and community are built.’ He fulfills that lofty goal.”

— Yale, Princeton and Cornell Universities (Jurors of the George Jean Nathan Award for Criticism)

“Mr. Randy Gener’s In the Culture of One World, a showcase of his own individual work, is taking up the slack that print journalism is leaving behind. You won’t find this in your local paper.”

— Superfluities Redux

“An internationalist, a champion of cultural exchange and dialogue.”

— The New York Daily News

“Randy Gener’s command of political and theatrical subjects is unequaled among his contemporaries.”

— American Theatre magazine/Theatre Communications Group

“Randy Gener is one of the most compelling voices of our era of globalization. He has an instinctive sense of mission to contribute to building a culturally global world (a thing that does not happen by itself) — to help build awareness and true communication and understanding.”

— Ioana Ieronim, author, poet, diplomat and Program Director of Fulbright Commission Romania

“Mr. Gener hold himself to a high standard in his long-form journalism — perhaps a model for young theatre journalists.”

— Superfluities Redux

“One of the leaders of the Asian American community.”

— The New York Daily News

“An important arts journalist. His writings have contributed significantly to the American theater community.”

— Victoria Abrash, Program Director of National Performing Arts Convention

“Mr. Gener’s journalism and criticism is written not merely for the practitioner but as a thoughtful bridge from an art to a spectator, doing the best that criticism can do. I’m delighted to find it here, as healthy as ever.”

— Superfluities Redux

“Randy Gener sheds light into censorship and repression of artists.”

— Deadline Club Award, New York chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists

“Randy Gener’s Love Seats for Virginia Woolf is a meditative homage. Gener stages his play with a subtle grace that complements the art’s ingenuity. Never has Virginia’s room of one’s own been so suggestively furnished.”

— The Village Voice

“Gener’s writing on theater, especially as it interacts with LGBT lives, is beautifully done, knowledgeable and almost lyrical in its language.”

— NLGJA Journalist of the Year Award for Excellence in Journalism

“Randy Gener made history after being the first Asian American writer to be awarded the coveted George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism. This is the highest award for dramatic criticism in the US and one of the most distinguished awards in American theatre.”

— ABS-CBN News

“Gener’s accumulation of words in his play Love Seats for Virginia Woolf are the feathery evanescence of the butterfly’s wings clamped together with the bolts of iron that are the four loveseat sculptures. The actors become words personified. I was left astonished.”

— The Virginia Woolf Miscellany of the International Virginia Woolf Society

“Randy Gener draws our attention to largely ignored voices and visions on the international theatrical scene.”

— George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism

“So much about the culture, trends and problems of areas around the world are too little known, and which Randy has presented and has given a voice to, with daring and a sure, cultivated taste.” 

— Ioana Ieronim, author, poet and Fulbright Program Director of Fulbright Commission Romania


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