Let Us Now Praise the Believers

Scanner | Photo by Robin Van Rimbaud GET TO KNOW | Brit musician Scanner scans landscapes and video design (9/21/2015) - An electronic musicians give examples of how the Internet has changed the way sounds are produced.
Pina Bausch and her husband Ronald Kay | Photo by William Yang DANCE | William Yang pays photographic tribute to the one and only Pina Bausch (9/18/2015) - The late Pina Bausch was an elusive high priestess of dance theater. She rarely invited outsiders into her rehearsals.
Bulgarian author/actor Maya Kisyova MAYA KISYOVA | This believer in Bulgaria seeks faster cultural reforms (9/16/2015) - In Bulgaria, democracy started 20 years ago. But, this actress/author Maya Kisyova, argues "Conversations on reforms have begun just recently."
Sophie Calle, French artist GET TO KNOW | Le musée des curiosités de SOPHIE CALLE (9/15/2015) - View a fascinating conversation about "self-burial" between artist Sophie Calle and a man without identity.
Asian American Arts Alliance gala CAUSES | Go to Asian American Arts Alliance’s benefit gala on September 16 (9/14/2015) - What follows offers my personal testimony — a clear example of how the Asian American Arts Alliance makes a real impact.
Anatoly Goncharov, fashion and fitness model from Russia MEN’S FITNESS | Russian hunk Anatoly Goncharov strips down for the camera (6/28/2015) - My friend, the fashion/fitness model Anatoly Goncharov, most recently traveled to France where he collaborated with a number of top fashion photographers