RUNWAY CULTURE | Kate’s eco-leather jackets at NY Fashion Week


Runway Show
February 17, 2023  at 4 pm
Studio 450 in NYC

KATE by Katherine Tramposh is a fair-trade and organic fashion brand based out of Paris. KATE is the brand that you can turn to when you want clothing you can trust. Trust that all the hands that created it were care for and respected and that the fabrics you are putting on your body, holding your child with, and live in, are 100% free of chemicals and guilt.

According to Tramposh, her KATE brand “was founded on four main principles: organic, fair-trade, fashionable and quality clothing for women.”

“KATE is the brand that you can trust,” Tramposh’s handler said. “Trust that when you are going to work, holding you’re baby, going on a hot date, or snuggling up with your furry friend, you’re clothing is 100% chemical free and all the hands that touched it from concept to creation and delivery were treated with care and respect. You can trust that you’re changing the fashion industry and look amazing while doing it.”

KATE sources all of its fabrics from GOTS and Fair Trade certified companies across Europe and once all of our materials are collected, all the production takes place under careful supervision to ensure it’s fair and organic.

“Katherine, Kate, Katie… I answer to them all!!” she said.

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