WANNA BE A PUBLIC SERVANT? | 2016’s Top Online Master’s of Public Administration Degree Programs

NASHVILLE, TENN. |  What separates nonprofit organizations from their for-profit counterparts is that they must be dedicated to public benefit, there must be no one who owns profits or shares, they must be governed by a board of directors or trustees, and then must file appropriate paperwork with the IRS for transparency purposes. And in return, they receive a tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Scales of Justice

Scales of Justice

This month, OnlineSchoolsCenter.com has released a 2016 list of the Top 20 Online Schools for Master’s of Public Administration Degree Programs.  An independent online web publication, OnlineSchoolsCenter to be “a comprehensive list of the finest public administration graduate programs offered in distance education.”

According to a prepared statement, a Master of Public Administration gives graduates from one of these 20 fine colleges/universities the skill and know-how to traverse many career paths and establish productive improvements in an ever-expanding society.”  The statement continues:

Through these rich and challenging curricula, students will find channels to industries such as federal, state, or local government agencies; executive management positions; law enforcement; and national and international politics. With a new President of the United States on the horizon, 2016 is a particularly prudent time to increase one’s knowledge of public administration and help bring forth a brighter future for North America.

You may view the list, along with a detailed description of the benefits of each institution and course flexibility by clicking this link.

These institutions offer students hands-on experience and first-hand knowledge from well-established public administration professionals. Many of these institutions have gained massive national and international recognition for their achievements as colleges and universities. This list represents a huge amount of opportunities for aspiring public administration graduate students to either invest in their current career, or establish a new one.

According to lead researcher and writer, Rowan Jones, “This discipline gives students access to industries and organizations that establish changes that can effect huge populations. Therefore, it is pivotal that these individuals are highly educated and possess a sound understanding of this complex and many-faceted field.”

Top 20 Online Schools for Master’s of Public Administration Degree Programs:

  1. University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA
  2. American Public University - Charles Town, WV
  3. Villanova University - Villanova, PA
  4. Fort Hays State University - Hays, KS
  5. UNC Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill, NC

  6. Southern University and A&M College - Baton Rouge, LA
  7. Capella University - Minneapolis, MN
  8. UNC Pembroke - Pembroke, NC
  9. Indiana University-Bloomington - Bloomington, IN
  10. Arkansas State University - Jonesboro, AK

  11. Northeastern University - Boston MA
  12. Southern New Hampshire University - Hooksett, NH
  13. University of South Dakota - Vermillion, SD
  14. University of Nebraska Omaha - Omaha, NE
  15. Park University - Parkville, MO

  16. Regent University - Virginia Beach, VA
  17. Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD
  18. Northcentral University - Prescott Valley, AZ
  19. Norwich University - Northfield, VT
  20. University of Missouri - Columbia, MO

These Top 20 Online Schools for Master’s of Public Administration Degree Programs were chosen for several factors that put them ahead of other online graduate programs due to the: nature of the coursework, degree of thoroughness and complexity of the curriculum, 100% online availability, sufficient financial aid availability, and an education that give students more than just classroom experience.

In developing this list, OnlineSchoolsCenter.com, chose not to list the schools in an ordered way, but instead highlighted 20 of the very best programs, all of which have their own unique strengths.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the employment of nonprofit organizations is over 10% of the US private sector employment, which totals over 11 million employees in the US. These organizations can be small volunteer-run operations, religious institutions, hospitals, schools, and retail manufacturers. These organizations, like their for-profit counterparts, require knowledgeable and skilled managers and leaders to make a positive impact as well as remain financially viable. Leaders are needed to handle social responsibility, human resources, finances, fundraising, volunteer management, project management, event planning, and organizational vision.

And so it goes. — In the Culture of One World


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