Breast cancer index leads to better physician recommendation for extended endocrine therapy

Assessing the role of Breast Cancer IndexSM (BCI) in treatment decision-making for ER+ breast cancer patients who are considering extended endocrine therapy (EET) showed that when incorporating BCI into clinical practice, physicians made significant changes in their treatment recommendations. Read More


Sick because of asbetos? | Mesothelioma victims urged to hire top lawyers

Mesothelioma Victims Center urges a diagnosed factory worker or skilled trades worker to take compensation seriously and to call about why hiring a top lawyer Is vital. NEW YORK /via PRNewswire/ The Mesothelioma Victims Center says, “The most heartbreaking call we receive is from a grieving family who received a hundred thousand dollars in total mesothelioma compensation for their… Read More

METROPOLITAN ROOM | Tonight’s Kim + Williams concert goes back to basics

By Randy Gener NEW YORK CITY | Check them out tonight. Their new concert marks a return engagement — and it’s for a fine cause. Kim and William, a good-spirited duo of fine New York singers, promise to groove and croon 7:00 pm tonight Saturday February 18, 2017 as part of a popular and ongoingCabaret Cares… Read More

ANTHONY CHISHOLM | One of America’s Greatest Stage Actors

NEW YORK CITY |  Anthony Chisholm is a quintessential August Wilson actor.  I sat with with Chisholm to talk about Wilson; in our conversation Chisholm was quick to get “in character,” instinctually inhabiting everyone he referenced, from characters in Wilson’s plays to August Wilson himself. Interviewed at the Cort Theater on Broadway, Chisholm has acted in six of… Read More

in the culture of MENTORING | Sir Peter Hall and Protégé Lara Foot

Although Lara Foot of South Africa has already made great strides, she regards becoming the protégée of Sir Peter Hall as “the opportunity of a lifetime.” “This gave me the chance to extend my skill as a director,” she said. “The theatre industry in South Africa is struggling, and it desperately needs to be nurtured.” Read More

in the culture of MENTORING | Robert Wilson and Protégé Federico León

What, for the love of Bacchus, did the avant-garde director Robert Wilson possibly know about writing — in Argentinian-Spanish language? The pairing of Wilson and dramatist Federico Leon puts you in a querulous mindset when it comes to suitably matching mentor with protégé. Read More

in the culture of MENTORING | Mario Vargas Llosa and Protégé Antonio García Ángel

“Of course, the major mentors were certain writers. I think in the early 1950s it was French and American literature — in my case, Faulkner. I think Faulkner was the first writer I read with a pen and a piece of paper, trying to devise the way in which he organized time, space, points of view.” Read More