WE’RE WITH HER (11/8/2016) - Gender is on the ballot today, but not in the way many of us expected. Hillary’s American vision inspires minds and hearts — as election updates roll in.
Walk over me | Stepping over Balkan performance artist Igor Josifov is both a work and a walk of art (6/11/2012) - In "2-Dimensional," an unconventional performance installation, the young Macedonia-born artist Igor Josifov lies underneath a plexiglass structure. Starting 8 pm Tuesday June 12 to Thursday June 14 at Abrons Arts Center Gallery, "2-Dimensional" invites the audience to walk over him.
This Is What Democracy Looks Like | #WomensMarchNY (1/20/2018) - A year after Trump’s Inauguration, thousands of women found solidarity again in the streets for the Women’s March By Randy Gener NEW YORK  |  In New York City on the Upper West Side, the women’s march is back. Marchers got ready along Central Park West between 62nd and 82nd and streets. More than 200,000 protesters marched… Read More
Romania’s Cultural Institute under siege | Ponta’s online minions attack character and integrity of ICR leadership (6/30/2012) - A new communiqué, sent via email from Ponta's online team and dated June 28, 2012, is accusing ICR of "financial and legal irregularities" as well as "dysfunctional aspects," without actually offering any tangible evidence. In quick reaction, ICR's executive board members have drafted a point-by-point response that calls this communiqué full of "disinformation and blatant lies." At issue: 10 million euros, the annual budget of ICR.
Romania’s Cultural Institute under siege | New Ponta government takes political control (6/16/2012) - The government of Prime Minister Victor Ponta passed an emergency order Wednesday putting the cultural institute, known as the ICR, under the control of the Romanian Senate — a decision criticized by Romanian artists and staff members as an attempt to take political control of the institute.
RICHARD NIXON: THE LIFE, a biography by John A. Farrell (6/3/2017) - Defining portrait of a man who led America in a time of turmoil and left us a darker age. We live today, John A. Farrell shows, in a world Richard Nixon made.
PORTRAITS OF COURAGE, an art memoir by George W. Bush | Penguin Random House (6/16/2017) - A vibrant collection of oil paintings and stories by President George W. Bush honoring the sacrifice and courage of America’s military veterans
OPERA NEWS | “Noli” opera aspires for mainstream appeal, attracts financiers (4/13/2013) - Investors and advocates pledge their support for the New York production of "Noli Me Tangere: The Opera" on October 2013
ON FOREIGN-FILM DIPLOMACY | Why this year’s Golden Globe Awards are so Eurocentric (1/11/2013) - Have you noticed that the French and the Scandinavians dominate this year's Golden Globe nominees for best foreign language films? To a disproportionate degree. So what exactly happened that only the French and the Scandinavians grabbed most of the Golden Globes booty? Are the best of the best among this year's foreign language films really so Eurocentric?
ON DIPLOMACY | United Nations members agree on code to fight violence against women, girls (3/20/2013) - NEW YORK CITY |  The United Nations has issued a declaration to fight violence against women and girls.  The AFP reports that UN members states conducted two weeks of tense negotiations mainly because some Muslim counties like Libya and Sudan took great issue with parts of the proposed declaration. The declaration “urges states to strongly… Read More