NEW YORK CITY |  Call it fashion-show diplomacy.  It’s called Vestiphobia New York, and it’s a ready-to-wear line, a fashion show and a pop-up shop.  This re-fashioned new and vintage clothing line is silkscreened with marketing sloganeering and text from the performance Vestiphobia with the purpose to raise consciousness and bring awareness of the true cost of what we wear.

Are you in the mood for shopping?  If so, Ideal Glass is hosting a fashion show and pop-up shop to raise funds for Willard Morgan’s Vestiphobia, premiering in Havana (Cuba) this coming February 2017.

The Pop-Up Shop will open on Thursday November 17th at 7.30PM to launch Bekaia and Morgan’s new line.  The fashion show begins at 8:00 pm.  It will take place at the headquarter of Ideal Glass at 22 E 2nd. St. 10003, NY, NY.

Where Fashion and Performance Meet Cultural Exchange in Cuba

The Vestiphobia Fashion Show will premiere a ready-to-wear line designed by Willard Morgan and Uta Bekaia and inspired by lyrics from the Vestiphobia performance. Each piece has been silk-screened by hand and made from recycled garments, creating one-of-a-kind yet affordable basics.

*The show is free and open to all and proceeds from the pop-up shop will go towards Ideal Glass’s expenses during their two-week residency in Cuba at Fábrica de Arte Cubano (The Cuban Art Factory) to present the final Vestiphobia performance. This will be the first cultural exchange that Ideal Glass undertakes with local Cuban artists and producers.” (There is, however, a $5.00 suggested donation.)

Each piece is unique, made in house, and silkscreened on recycled garments; offering one-of-a-kind yet affordable basics. The night will also feature experiential sound design by composer John Sully.

Although marketed as a free event, there is a $5.00 suggested donation.  All proceeds for the sale will go towards Ideal Glass’s expenses during their two-week residency in Havana.

Where Performance Meets Fashion

Vestiphobia is a multimedia performance that lyrically interweaves the personal story of a man and his wardrobe with the geopolitical realities of global fashion. Vestiphobia addresses disguised fantasies inside the mind of an obsessive “dandy”, exploring the love/hate relationship within the folds of 17th century French nobles’ silk underwear, the lizard-booted, patchouli-soaked rock gods of the 70s, and the way we dress everyday.

What exactly will visitors take in to see?  Here is how a prepared statement from Ideal Glass puts it:

As a performance, Vestiphobia includes video art, music, costumes and makeup artistry in order to convey experimental relationships between our habits of consumption, the production of cheap (and increasingly disposable) clothing and their inevitable socio-economic and political impact. In itself, the performance reveals the contradictory nature of our clothing, understood here not only as a necessity but as a luxury, a shield, and even a weapon.

Willard Morgan is a New York performance artist, actor and filmmaker. Creating visually striking personas for the stage with word, music and performance, he also produces provocative music videos and films that explore his inner obsessions.  In 2005, Morgan founded Ideal Glass, an art studio located in the heart of the East Village.

Uta Bekaia is a New York based multimedia artist born in Tbilisi (Georgia). Bekaia is currently a resident artist and curator at Ideal Glass Studio where he creates wearable sculptures for performances and multimedia installations.

Ideal Glass is dedicated to fostering a creative community of artists, fashion designers, writers, performers, musicians, and filmmakers in the East Village. Through its mural wall, art exhibitions, screenings, and performances, Ideal Glass seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, and provide a space where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated. Its space is dedicated to creating room for collaborations, conversations, and exchanges with international creative communities.

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