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  • Her Famous Directing Mentor Pushed Her to Write

    Lara Foot’s staging of Woyzeck. | Photo by Mark Wessels.U.K. and SOUTH AFRICA |  Imagine being mentored by one of the world’s greatest theater directors.  Sir Peter Hall — the late, great titan of the British stage — embarked on his cycle of the Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative with a logical, coherent plan.   His agenda for the year 2004 included several of his specialties:  among them Shakespeare (As You Like It, which he directed for the first time in his career), Harold Pinter (a revival

  • Kanye West’s fuck you fabrics at NY fashion week

    Kanye West instructed these models to stand and nothing at his Madison Square Garden fashion showNEW YORK CITY |  It was fashion as performance fart.  Kanye West is a loud brat, and his new ready-to-wear collection was neither bizarre nor ruinous.  It was worse; it was boring and flat.  The models were ordered — commanded! (see the timely tweet pic below or on @skylarbergl‘s Twitter account) — to give blank poses.  His people passed around a List of 38 rules to follow.  “No whisper,” “No smile,”

  • This Is What Democracy Looks Like | #WomensMarchNY

    A year after Trump’s Inauguration, thousands of women found solidarity again in the streets for the Women’s March By Randy Gener NEW YORK  |  In New York City on the Upper West Side, the women’s march is back. Marchers got ready along Central Park West between 62nd and 82nd and streets. More than 200,000 protesters marched in New York on Saturday, January 20, according to estimates by Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office.  Thousands also turned out in Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Rome and hundreds of other cities and towns. Tomorrow, Sunday, January 21, a rally called “Power to the Polls” — organized by the leaders of last year’s Women’s March in Washington — will be held on Sunday in Las Vegas.  The Power to the Polls rally aims to launch a national voter registration and mobilization tour. The goal is to register more women to vote, and to elect more women and progressive candidates to public office.   As the map shows, hundreds of events are taking place. It’s the year-anniversary of U.s. President Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Hundreds of thousands of women and their male supporters turned out on Saturday for the second Women’s March, a nationwide series of protests against Trump …


    Gender is on the ballot today, but not in the way many of us expected. Hillary’s American vision inspires minds and hearts — as election updates roll in.