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  • GPS | Korea: Altar of a shaman for a ritual ceremony held on an island

    GPS | ASIA:  In October 2005, I took a bus to Yangtze Island in South Korea and attended a private Daedong Gut (shaman ritual) by the Korean shaman, Kim Keumhwa, a governing official spirit.  Shamanism is Korea’s indigenous religion and is very much alive in Korea and where Koreans live, despite the efforts of churches, official and quasi-official agencies and crafty antique dealers to ignore its existence in fast-paced, Western-focused contemporary Korean society. There are any number of reasons why a ritual will be held: illness or to give thanks for good health, bad business or new prosperity, blessing a new house or business, searching for a mate or fixing a failing marriage, getting good grades in school, or winning the lottery.  Shamans are selected for the strength of their spiritual integrity.  The images on the altar are representations of spiritual icons and gods. — RG Related articles The experience of altered states of consciousness in shamanic ritual: The role of pre-existing beliefs and affective factors ( Welcome to K-Soc! ( Purification and accumulation ( Totem Talk: Soloing old raids as a DPS shaman ( ‘Poison-needle plot’ Korean held ( Korean Nuclear Envoys to Meet Next Week, South Says ( North Korean …

  • GPS | Panama: Two turtles adoring the sun

    GPS | CENTRAL AMERICA:   Monkey Island lives up to its name.  Located at the Gamboa Rainforest in Panama, a boat ride tour around Gatun Lake, which surrounds Monkey Island, is a fun opportunity to see 4 different species of monkey, all within 40 minutes of Panama’s capital city.  I did see many other animal specials such as crocodiles, sloths, exotic birds and, in this photo, turtles sunning themselves on Gatun Lake, surrounding Monkey Island.  If you keep re-visiting this site, I promise to post photos of the monkey that swiped the banana from my pocket. — RG Related articles Princess Cruises Reveals 2011-12 Panama Canal Season ( El Dorado, La Ciudad de Panamá, 9/9/11 ( Panama Adding a Wider Shortcut for Shipping ( EN Panama Canal – Panama City, Panama ( The Panama Canal Gets an Update By Rena Marie Pacella ( Panama Canal Defense Exercise Begins (

  • GPS | Belarus: Vladimir Lenin Monument on Independence Square in Minsk

    GPS| EUROPE:  Minsk was totally destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in classical social realist style by the Soviets after the war.  With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, this statue of Vladimir Lenin still stands proudly in front of the House of Government in central Minsk.  This statue is both a metaphor and scultpural proof, we are told, that Belarus’s state institutions, including the arts, remain frozen in the Soviet past.  Do you agree with this view of the Lenin statue as a symbol? Or are we still stuck and mired in post-Cold War ideological thinking? Related articles Soviet legacy cast in stone ( “Stairway to Lenin” ( Kyrgyzstan pulls down its Statue of Liberty ( Belarus nuke rebuke over US sanctions ( Belarus’ Cardinal Swiatek, gulag survivor, dies ( Belarus’ Cardinal Swiatek, gulag survivor, dies ( Getting to Minsk (