Performance review | Diverse City Theater’s nervy revival of Lee Blessing’s “Two Rooms” gives voice to voiceless

Diverse City Theater’s nervy production argues that Two Rooms has not lost an inch of topical relevance. The play has not lost its eloquence. It is a muted cry of rage. Read More


Native American News | Native Voices at the Autry gives “First Look” to suspenseful play by Native American actor, Oct. 25

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you might want to check out this reading, part of Native Voices’ signature FIRST LOOK SERIES: Plays in Progress. Read More

Edible diplomacy | U.S. and Croatia political relations served in food installation

A food installation from Croatia, cumbersomely entitled “KroaTisch–Amerikanische Freundschaft,” directly alludes to important events in the history of Croatian-American political relations. Read More

U.S. Dept. of Education study reveals Theatre Arts losing place in American school programs

The research, conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, showed a 16% drop in public elementary school instruction for drama/theatre over the past ten years, and a 3% drop in secondary schools. Read More

Nantes troupe reinvents Swedish dramatist Lars Norén’s play

NANTES, FRANCE: Creation Workshop Theatre at University of Nantes presented Holy Savior of the Spilled Blood, a theatrical moment developed by Mark and Marilyn Tsypkine Leray (LTK Productions, Nantes). The work brings together fragments of Swedish dramatist Lars Norén‘s play Category 3.1. This presentation was made at the FUN, Festival of University Theater, 29 and 30 March 2012. Besides numerous other actions and achievements, this action reflects the actual reality of [Pole Fas], Pole exchange for training in the performing arts, which aims to bring together institutions and Nantes training institutions create and theatricaldistribution. This initiative illustrates the synergies of the constellation of Nantes in… Read More

Prague diaries: Philadelphia designers and practitioners talk about how performance design affected their works and processes

PHILADELPHIA:  The travel narratives below track impact and chronicle artistic learning.  A costume designer encounters a Czech fashion designer in a workshop and suddenly can’t stop creating garments out of paper.  A composer/sound designer records raw audio heard in the streets of Prague (music, lectures, everyday sounds) and decides to incorporate them in an upcoming… Read More

Seeking RepresentAsian: NYC actors confront Broadway and nonprofit theater leaders with sobering stats on lack of minorities on NY stages

The following theatre companies employed the fewest Asian American actors, presented here as a proportion of available roles: Atlantic Theatre Company (1%), Manhattan Theatre Club (1%), Playwrights Horizons (1%), and Roundabout Theatre Company (1%). Read More

Why are Asian Americans invisible on NYC stages? Feb. 13 industry town hall confronts the powers-that-be.

“Asian American performers are the least likely among the major minority groups to play roles that are not defined by their race,” says a coalition of Asian American actors. Read More

Review: Strange forms and cautionary parable flicker in Nic Ularu’s “Hieronymus Bosch”

“Hieronymus” pulses in that liminal space in between dramatic representation and visual abstraction. It’s a picture book of a play. It’s a meditation of the plight of the artist today and a hybrid re-composition that celebrates that artist’s singular voice. Read More