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  • HERE Arts Center artistic director Kristin Marting

    Why you should support HERE Arts Center’s April 16 Mixtape benefit

    NEW YORK CITY: In my book, Kristin Marting, the founding artistic director of HERE Arts Center, is a visionary. People today see her frequently with Kim Whitener, who runs HERE along with Marting (together they won an Obie Award), but I retain a vivid memory of the fresh-faced New York University director who in 1993 started HERE as a space-sharing marriage of convenience, a merger between HOME for Contemporary Theatre and Art and Tiny Mythic Theatre Company. At the time, four people were running HERE, and they produced one another’s work, until a kind of natural attrition happened, and the rest started leaving. The only one left was Marting, who continues to stage innovative, fascinating hybrid works at a rate of one or two shows a year. Marting is a model for the kind of New York artist/entrepreneur who has seized control of her once-precarious artistic destiny. The upcoming April 16 benefit, called MIXTAPE and dubbed “a customized playlist of pop-up performances by HERE’s Resident Artists,” is a testament to the longevity, persistence and beauty of this artist’s vision: this is how new art is supposed to be nurtured and created and then promoted in New York. A backstory: Marting founded Tiny Mythic …