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  • "hotink at the Lark" in New York City

    Plays from Scotland, Canada, Cyprus, Israel, Bulgaria, Latvia dip hotINK at the Lark, March 22-26, in NYC

    NEW YORK CITY: I first met the Montreal-based playwright Suzie Bastien in Limoges, France, in 2005. At the time, she was developing a new work, Après. Her second play, LukaLila (Éditions Comp’act, 2002), had just received an award from the Journées de Lyon des auteurs de théâtre in 2002 in France. It also won the SACD de la dramaturgie francophone prize in 2004. Translated into Italian, the play was first produced in Rome in 2005. For the first time, Bastien makes a U.S. appearance as part of hotINK at the Lark, a series of free public readings of 10 new plays from around the world, which takes place March 22-26 in New York City. Bastien’s play, The Medea Effect (L’effet Médée), will be given a public reading 3:00 p.m. Friday March 23 in a new English version translated by Nadine Desrochers and directed by Giovanna Sardelli. The original play was produced by Théâtre Blanc (Québec City) in March 2005. I have the pleasure of facilitating a post-performance discussion with Suzie Bastien; we will talk about her play, her career and her body of work. The reading and discussion will take place at Lark’s BareBones® Studio, 311 West 43 Street, Fifth …