JOYÀ | MEXICO’s one and only Teatro Cirque du Soleil Live at Vidanta Riviera Maya

The story of JOYÀ follows a rebellious teenage girl who is on a relentless quest for the meaning of life. JOYÀ reveals a world inhabited by magical characters who bring showgoers on a wondrous journey. Shows are selling out fast. You simply must experience JOYÀ. Read More


INTERVIEW Part 2 | From the Edge: Active Searching & The Value of the Prague Quadrennial

“These events, on a practical level, raise the public’s level of awareness of the importance of good creative design. They affirm the professionalism and creativity of outstanding designers and theater architects. And these events have demonstrated an economic impact to the countries that host them.” Read More

Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 2 | Active Searching & The Value of the Prague Quadrennial

The following interview originally appeared in Postcards from the Inge, a blog. It is re-posted here with the kind permission of the author. Interview by AMANDA WHITE THIETJE Here is the second installment of my interview with Randy Gener, curatorial adviser and co-creator of the USA national pavilion “From the Edge,” about the Prague Quadrennial.  I’ve included… Read More

Curators speak out about the thrills, challenges of staging national exhibitions of design in Prague

In a wide-ranging conversation with a number of national curators from various countries, RANDY GENER reports on the thrills, challenges and obstacles of putting up national exhibits at the Prague Quadrennial. Read More

Mexico’s Pablo Helguera reinterprets Bach’s fugue into “Well-Tempered Exposition”

NEW YORK CITY:  On September 21, the New York-based, Mexico-born performance artist and scholar Pablo Helguera kicks off his ambitious year-long project, The Well-Tempered Exposition, at Location One, located at 23 Greene Street in downtown SoHo in New York City. Location One‘s 2011-2012 Senior Artist-in-Residence, Helguera is putting together a series of 24 events in which… Read More