WHO MENTORED YOU? | Five big-name mentors on how they chose their protégés

How are mentors and mentees matched? Is it based on common interests, same gender, or what other criteria? What is the age of the mentee? Listen in to Toni Morrison, Wole Soyinka, Mario Vargas Llosa, Peter Hall and Robert Wilson. Read More


in the culture of MENTORING | Sir Peter Hall and Protégé Lara Foot

Although Lara Foot of South Africa has already made great strides, she regards becoming the protégée of Sir Peter Hall as “the opportunity of a lifetime.” “This gave me the chance to extend my skill as a director,” she said. “The theatre industry in South Africa is struggling, and it desperately needs to be nurtured.” Read More

in the culture of MENTORING | Robert Wilson and Protégé Federico León

What, for the love of Bacchus, did the avant-garde director Robert Wilson possibly know about writing — in Argentinian-Spanish language? The pairing of Wilson and dramatist Federico Leon puts you in a querulous mindset when it comes to suitably matching mentor with protégé. Read More

in the culture of MENTORING | Mario Vargas Llosa and Protégé Antonio García Ángel

“Of course, the major mentors were certain writers. I think in the early 1950s it was French and American literature — in my case, Faulkner. I think Faulkner was the first writer I read with a pen and a piece of paper, trying to devise the way in which he organized time, space, points of view.” Read More