DEADLINES | Czech Republic seeks university applications from the Philippines for governmental scholarships

The Embassy of the Czech Republic Manila is pleased to announce that applications for scholarships will be accepted to universities in the Czech Republic beginning next week (from 23 July 2013). Read More


IN EXHIBITION | Tyler Rollins Fine Art hosts Philippine artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio

The works in The Future That Was exhibitions in New York and Manila are reflections upon the structures and ideas that produce, frame and promote art and design. Philippine artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio weaves an open-ended narrative that examines notions of innovation and novelty, timeliness and timelessness, particularly as they relate to the language of design and fashion. She is interested in how material, fabrication, and intention combine to form an object that then takes on a life of its own. Read More

Philippine government hosts global summit to inspire Filipinos to help in the country’s future development

Can Filipinos overseas and in the diaspora respond to the future development of their homeland? That is one of the toughest questions we had to struggle with when several of us, Philippine Presidential Awardees, were confronted with this question Read More

Reflections after my induction into Chicago Filipino American Hall of Fame

In thinking about the meaning and significance of winning a Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame Award, I must say that it is very flattering to be inducted into something called a “Hall of Fame.” Ay naku! Masaya talaga! But if I pause for a moment to re-consider: Fame is not as important as the belief in and the firm commitment to something real and important that is outside of your self. Read More