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  • Designer Rosemarie McKelvey's paper dress for "Extremely Public Displays of Privacy" | Photo by Rosemarie McKelvey

    Prague diaries: Philadelphia designers and practitioners talk about how performance design affected their works and processes

    PHILADELPHIA:  The travel narratives below track impact and chronicle artistic learning.  A costume designer encounters a Czech fashion designer in a workshop and suddenly can’t stop creating garments out of paper.  A composer/sound designer records raw audio heard in the streets of Prague (music, lectures, everyday sounds) and decides to incorporate them in an upcoming production of Angels in America. Influenced by what he saw at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, a lighting designer literally alters his process and techniques, applying what he learned in a show at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. A sound designer, after coming upon theater groups from Poland which create environmental installations on the streets of their neighborhoods, openly wonders if American theater has become bound up by the “strict, linear processes” with which most U.S. works are created. In June 2011, the Philadelphia Theatre Initiative (PTI) took eight theater designers and practitioners to the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (“the PQ”). Held every four years, the PQ puts forwards expositions of juried theater design from over 60 countries. Lectures, performances and workshops in sound, light, costume, architecture and performance design accompany the visual programming. Several of these Philadelphia designers are exhibited in “From the Edge,” the USA national pavilion debuting in North America, March 28 to 31, 2012, in Long Beach, Calif., as part of the USITT’s annual National Conference & Stage Expo. After the trip to Prague, several of these theater-makers posted illustrated blog posts, documenting their experiences. These posts are collected under the umbrella title, “Theater Makers at the PQ,” and they can be accessed here:  http://www.pcah.us/the-center/blog/labels/tag/theater-makers-at-the-pq/ These posts are: Christopher Colucci Gathers Sights and Sounds Rob Kaplowitz on Audience Engagement Rosemarie McKelvey Delves into Fashion Art Thom Weaver Reflects on OUR CLASS I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a …