ART OPENING | Iranian painter portrays faceless people in Dubai art gallery

These paintings are based on studies of the gestures of resistance and defiance. They are permanent records of the ‘faceless’ individuals who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Read More


IRAN REPORT | Tehran gears up for annual Fajr International Theater Festival

In a press conference at the headquarters of the 31st Fajr International Theatre Festival, the judge of the playwriting competition Borhani-marand stated that he hopes that Iranian plays, which are mostly unknown, will be given an opportunity for publication: “The works of the play-writing competition were about today’s social issues in the most modern form. I hope that all of them will be published. The release of such kind of works can enrich our stage. I hope that the officials will play more attention to today’s playwrights.” Read More

Iranian photographer zooms toward staged narrative in Dubai gallery

In a new exhibition in a Dubai gallery, entitled “Collage Tales,” Iranian photographer Arman Stephanian invokes the tradition of story telling by using photographic images to tell stories of past and present. Read More

Iranian painter fuses kabuki, Bosch, Persian folklore in Dubai solo show

Judging from Zad’s paintings in the catalogue, I would add that his work draws a great deal of its energy from the lush anarchy of the 15th-century paintings of Hieronymus Bosch Read More