Crave Crush | This lozenge helps stop sugar cravings, as it dissolves on your tongue

Crave Crush is a dietary supplement that helps limit cravings for foods with sugar. Read More


FIGHT OBESITY | Prebiotics offer hope for children suffering from obesity

New study using Prebiotin prebiotic fiber shows positive results   HARRISBURG, Pa., March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — How can prebiotics help children suffering from the effects of obesity and overweight? A new study shows that a simple daily addition of a particular prebiotic fiber prior to dinner may help children feel satiety and eat less. The… Read More

In time for March’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a new urine-based diagnostic detector is revealed

According to the American Cancer Society, the colon cancer death rate in this country could be cut in half if Americans followed recommended screening guidelines. But currently 1 in 3 adults, over age 50, are not getting tested as recommended. Read More

Filipino photographer transforms pain, sorrow and erotic sensuality of Christian icons to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS

The 20 photographs that comprise Niccolo Cosme’s exhibit, on view at the Philippine Center in New York from August 28 to September 7, 2012, contain messages about HIV and AIDS. Yet in a sense they place a halo of aesthetics and sensuality at the center of Cosme’s Christian-based iconography. Read More

GPS | Korea: Altar of a shaman for a ritual ceremony held on an island

GPS | ASIA:  In October 2005, I took a bus to Yangtze Island in South Korea and attended a private Daedong Gut (shaman ritual) by the Korean shaman, Kim Keumhwa, a governing official spirit.  Shamanism is Korea’s indigenous religion and is very much alive in Korea and where Koreans live, despite the efforts of churches, official… Read More