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  • DEADLINES| “Transnational Dialogues” (2014) seeks participants from Europe, China and Brazil

    In 2014, Transnational Dialogues: Change Utopia will bring forward a specific collaboration between Europe, China and Brazil, coordinating young creatives from the three continents to reflect and create together in a year-long process of networked-production, a multi-layered exchange and mix of virtual collaboration, meetings, seminars and research caravans that outline a new transnational model of cross-media and cross-national production.

  • CROSS-BORDER DIPLOMACY | European Union’s parliament supports new resolution for foundation cross-border initiatives

    BRUSSELS |  Will European foundations ever be able to work across national borders? At this moment this is not possible. But a new resolution for European foundation statute is presently running through the European Parliament that may change that situation. If the resolution passes, European foundations will be able to engage in transnational initiatives from country to country (just as U.S. foundations are able to work from state to state). The problem right now is that efforts by European foundations are hampered by a European legal and operating environment that does not afford them the advantages of a single market. Many European initiatives are delayed or abandoned due to such barriers as high legal and administration costs, difficulties with the recognition of foreign legal personalities, and legal uncertainties over the recognition of the “public interest” nature of resident foundations’ cross-border work and public-benefit status. On July 2, 2013, members of the European Parliament have voted by a large majority to support a resolution for a European foundation statute, the implementation of which will make it easier for foundations to support cross-border initiatives on the continent. In a statement after the vote, Evelyn Regner, vice chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, called on the European Council, which sets the general political direction of the European Union, to move the statute forward. “It would be very welcome if an agreement could be reached during the current legislature,” said Regner. Over the past decade, the European foundation sector has called for the creation of a legal framework that would give foundations on the continent the ability to work across borders in much the same way American foundations and nonprofits can work on campaigns across state lines or nationally. Significant regulatory barriers to such a framework exist, however, including the lack of …

  • "From the Edge," the USA national pavilion at Prague National Gallery | Photo by Randy Gener

    Postcards from the Inge interview, Part 3 | A Ripple Effect

    “The future is increasingly becoming hyper-local and immersive. The designers of the future will have to provide valuable insights into how, why and where we create new performance environments. They will determine the shape of theatre architecture to come. What’s the matter with Kansas if it cannot see that the techniques of illusion shape our reality, and not the other way around?”