IN EXHIBITION | View “LaMaMa Family Show” artworks in this exclusive slideshow

Forty LaMaMa artists are featured in the “Family Show”. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday 1:00-7:30 PM. La Galleria is located on 6 East First Street, between Second Avenue and Bowery. Read More


“Macbeth After Shakespeare” (Slovenia/Croatia) muscles its way into brilliance

A collaboration between Mini Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Novokazalište Zagreb (Croatia), director Ivica Buljan’s Macbeth After Shakespeare forces us to viscerally come face to face with the naked and overbearing fact that the pornography of power is both beautiful and disturbing to look at. It seduces and repels and provokes. Read More

Reflections after my induction into Chicago Filipino American Hall of Fame

In thinking about the meaning and significance of winning a Chicago Filipino-American Hall of Fame Award, I must say that it is very flattering to be inducted into something called a “Hall of Fame.” Ay naku! Masaya talaga! But if I pause for a moment to re-consider: Fame is not as important as the belief in and the firm commitment to something real and important that is outside of your self. Read More