ON FOREIGN-FILM DIPLOMACY | Why this year’s Golden Globe Awards are so Eurocentric

Have you noticed that the French and the Scandinavians dominate this year’s Golden Globe nominees for best foreign language films? To a disproportionate degree. So what exactly happened that only the French and the Scandinavians grabbed most of the Golden Globes booty? Are the best of the best among this year’s foreign language films really so Eurocentric? Read More


FILM-FLAM DIPLOMACY | Will you accept a post of culture minister in Siberia if you were Gérard Depardieu?

The Siberian region is notorious for its Stalin-era gulag prison camps. It is also the same area where one of the members of the punk band Pussy Riot is presently serving a two-year sentence for reciting an anti-Putin prayer in a Russian orthodox church in February 2012. Read More

Festival d’Avignon | A playing area, an adventure, a French city-theater, a state of mind

Avignon is also a state of mind: the city is an open-air forum where festival-goers discuss the shows and share their experiences as spectators. For a month, everyone can have access to a contemporary and living culture Read More

Performance review | Is “Pâquerette” penetrating, or merely a dance with penetrating elements?

Pâquerette is a duet between a man and a woman who re-discover their childlike innocence through the intensities of penetration. Read More

Queer New York International Arts Festival proposes “new concept of queer”

In discussing the festival, the curators of Queer New York International Arts Festival have stated that they want to “break through dominant ideas that limit and marginalize queer art, by creating a new concept of queer as a wider platform Read More

Nantes troupe reinvents Swedish dramatist Lars Norén’s play

NANTES, FRANCE: Creation Workshop Theatre at University of Nantes presented Holy Savior of the Spilled Blood, a theatrical moment developed by Mark and Marilyn Tsypkine Leray (LTK Productions, Nantes). The work brings together fragments of Swedish dramatist Lars Norén‘s play Category 3.1. This presentation was made at the FUN, Festival of University Theater, 29 and 30 March 2012. Besides numerous other actions and achievements, this action reflects the actual reality of [Pole Fas], Pole exchange for training in the performing arts, which aims to bring together institutions and Nantes training institutions create and theatricaldistribution. This initiative illustrates the synergies of the constellation of Nantes in… Read More

Congolese Faustin Linyekula re-stages 1923 “negro-cubist fantasy” ballet in Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris

The Ballet Suédois performed the premiere of La Création du monde in Paris in 1923. Combining the talents of Fernand Léger, Blaise Cendrars, Darius Milhaud and Jean Börlin, this “negro-cubist fantasy” conveys the influence of Harlem jazz and, a few years after the end of the war, draws on the energy of “primitive” arts to herald in… Read More

Because it Cannes: Agence France Presse wraps French city with glamorous photos of movie stars

The selected photos in Cannes have a lot of pointing and waving in them: Alfred Hitchcock fingering the viewer directly, Michael Douglas waving in the air, Tony Curtis also pointing a finger, Quentin Tarantino with two palms up in the air, and Sophia Loren also with her arms up Read More

Colloque international sur l’enseignement de la scénographie: “Qu’est ce que la scénographie ?” 21 et 22 octobre 2011

An international symposium on the teaching of design, entitled “What is Scenography?”, takes place Oct. 21 and 22 at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) in Paris. These two days of reflection and debate will not only lead to a review of the status of the profession but also lay down its future prospects. Read More