LANGUAGE DIPLOMACY | Do Turkey’s summer schools drive cultural diplomacy?

Turkish cultural centers that teach native languages now play a role in carrying Turkey’s cultural diplomacy. Read More


CONFERENCE ON DIPLOMACY | Think tanks and thought leaders push for smart power road map at foreign policy conference, June 25

WASHINGTON, D.C.: How many people does it take to replace a light bulb? Probably as many people as it will take to find innovative value in smart power. That means a whole lot of them: businesses and NGOs; national security and foreign policy experts; and faith-based, academic and community leaders, all of whom will convene around… Read More

BLUEPRINTS FOR DIPLOMACY | New Statesman columnist argues for new cultural relations in Britain

A New Statesman article, entitled “Why Britain can’t afford to fall behind in the race for soft power,” maintains that the west must not stint in giving financial support for culture and cultural diplomacy. If the west failed to sustain cultural confidence, then “China’s gain in global influence and trade will be our loss.” Read More