“Likenomics” author Rohit Bhargava urges leaders to consider “non-obvious” ideas

Bhargava believes in sharing “non-obvious” ideas to help leaders think about things from a new perspective. Read More


INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM SEMINAR | LGBT issues and human rights coverage explored at Boston’s LGBT Media Summit

My aim is to emphasize opportunities and strategies for the LGBT Media here in the U.S. to cover international issues and human-rights concerns that affect LGBT communities around the world. LGBT journalists have had few opportunities to work as foreign correspondents. That’s especially the case in today’s media environment, with sharp cutbacks by many news outlets in their international coverage. Read More

Autumn for a naughty patriarch: On John Jahnke’s “Men Go Down”

NEW YORK CITY:  The avant-garde playwright/director John Jahnke, with a wicked grin, describes Men Go Down (Part 3) as “almost like a Noël Coward absurdist Victorian chamber drama–style series of odd events.” In this elliptical, Greek myth–inspired fairy tale, a cocaine-addicted king, Endymion, wakes after a 1,500-year sleep in a Turkish hotel and finds himself… Read More