DIALOGUE ON DIPLOMACY | How effective is media’s coverage of U.S. diplomacy abroad?

Nicolas Kralev interviewed P.J. Crowley on a retired Air Force colonel and National Security Council spokesman in the Clinton White House. Crowley now teaches at George Washington University. On Kralev’s program, Crowley talks about how the media covers diplomacy. They also talked about the Arab Spring as a case study of the effectiveness of U.S. diplomacy. Watch the video conversation here. Read More

Burson-Marsteller “Twiplomacy” study reveals | Obama does not rule Twitterverse | World’s best connected world leaders are EU prexy @euHvR (Herman van Rompuy) and Aussie PM @JuliaGillard

Do world leaders tweet themselves, or they do they ask other minions do tweet for them? According to the Twiplomacy study, “30 heads of state and government actually do their own tweeting. The most conversational are the prime minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabazi, and Rwanda President Paul Kagame who frequently engage personally in tweets with their followers.” Read More

Facebook censors Swedish fan pages: Transatlantic culture wars brew over the social network site’s ban of nude artworks and naked Scandinavians

According to Fotografiska, Facebook “dislikes nakedness whether it is in paintings or photography,” adding that the Swedish museum’s use of blue patches were aimed to stop Facebook from removing nude images — and to trigger a debate. Fine. Let me start one… Read More