Plight of the Roma surfaces in leading Kosovar playwright’s latest political drama

Kosovar playwright Jeton Neziraj describis his play: “This is a political drama about chaotic post-war Kosovo, but, before all, it is a drama about unwanted Roma in Europe. Away from those common stereotypes about Roma, away from that exoticism which usually accompanies Roma topics.” Read More


Germany’s Rimini Protokoll seizes grand prize of MESS Sarajevo International Theater Festival

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINA:  In a packed press conference, the winners of the 51th annual International theatre festival MESS Sarajevo were announced. The top prize-winners were Germany’s Stefan Kaegi of Rimini Protokoll for his diamond-like theatrical exploration of the lives of the muezzins of Egypt, Radio Muezzin.  The award for Best Director went to Oliver Frljić, the… Read More