ART & POLITICS | Hope lingers in Sarajevo’s Festival MESS, one of the Balkan region’s most important festivals

Dino Mustafic, director of Festival MESS, describes this year’s Festival as conquest for happiness and hope. Mustafic, one of the most important theater directors in the region, adds that the theater in the Balkans is “struggling to survive.” Over the last five years, Festival MESS’s budget was slashed by 73 percent. Read More


Edible diplomacy | U.S. and Croatia political relations served in food installation

A food installation from Croatia, cumbersomely entitled “KroaTisch–Amerikanische Freundschaft,” directly alludes to important events in the history of Croatian-American political relations. Read More

Slideshow | How to walk over a Balkan performance artist

Want to see how they built Igor Josifov’s “2-Dimensional”? Click on my slideshow. In this unusual performance, the artist is an observer as much as he is observed while the spectator becomes a performer. Read More

Walk over me | Stepping over Balkan performance artist Igor Josifov is both a work and a walk of art

In “2-Dimensional,” an unconventional performance installation, the young Macedonia-born artist Igor Josifov lies underneath a plexiglass structure. Starting 8 pm Tuesday June 12 to Thursday June 14 at Abrons Arts Center Gallery, “2-Dimensional” invites the audience to walk over him. Read More

Randy Gener serves as American juror for Sarajevo International Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO —  Randy Gener — the Nathan Award–winning editor, writer and critic — will serve the U.S. juror in an international jury European artists, top editors and prominent critics for the 51st edition of the MESS Sarajevo International Theater Festival  in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the oldest international theatre festival in the Balkans. This year’s MESS Sarajevo International Theater Festival takes place… Read More