TRUTH’S CIRCUS | In “La Verita,” six degrees of imagination dance with Salvador Dalí

“La Verità” channels a kaleidoscope of Dali’s vision. Ideas, images and human bodies collide. Thirteen acrobats play instruments, sing, juggle, contort, clown and can-can among unfurling flowers, distorting shadows, ladders suspended in empty space, impossible balances, feathers and sequins. Read More

NUMBERS DON’T LIE | Asian Americans are challenging Broadway and nonprofit theaters with sobering stats on the lack of minorities

The news may be good for black actors, but it is no song for the south for other actors of color. According to a new minority report, blacks were far more likely than any other minority to be cast in roles which were not specifically identified by their race and ethnicity. Asian Americans were “the least likely of the major minority groups to play roles that were not defined by their race.” Read More