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SIRIUSXM RADIO IN NEW YORK CITY |   On SirusXM Satellite Radio, “Pia Lindström Presents” is an exclusive weekly interview show hosted by the veteran movie and theater critic Pia Lindström.  Every week, Lindström talks with guests from the world of books as well as film directors, producers, literary insiders and more.

In October 2012, I was invited to be a guest on “Pia Lindström Presents” She asked me to speak about politics, the arts and world theater. She also asked me personal questions.


Pia Lindström, the first child of actress Ingrid Bergman and Dr. Petter Aron Lindström (a Swedish American neurosurgeon), couldn’t have been sweeter and nicer.  She is classy as she is smart and beautiful.

Pia Lindström with her mother Ingrid Bergman

Pia Lindström with her mother Ingrid Bergman.I was nervous, but she made me feel at ease. I was anxious, because she wanted me to talk about the world of performing arts, as well as the present state of democracy and the arts in Europe, Asia and Africa. She wanted me do this in a way that would clearly communicate to a broader audience. Pretty esoteric subjects, I suppose, in our mainstream-only U.S. media.

To be honest I lost sleep at the mere thought of losing the interest of her millions of listeners while I had to describe and expound on global experiences and international encounters. After two cups of strong coffee, I dared to go on the radio anyway.

My favorite moment was when I got to say “Pussy” on air. I said it twice. In what context? Pia was interested in discussing issues of censorship and repression of artists, and she mentioned the Russian president Putin. So there it was: my opening (no pun intended). I described the Pussy Riot debacle in Russia as one example of the repression of artists in illiberal democracies after the so-called death of Communism.

“Pia Lindström Presents” can be heard Mondays 10 pm ET, Wednesday at 3 pm ET and Sundays 8 pm ET.

Pia Lindström and me at SiriusXM Radio Studios in New York City
Pia Lindström and me at SiriusXM Radio Studios in New York City
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