Piña couture fashion from Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House and Textile Design Studio
Piña couture fashion from Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House and Textile Design Studio

NEW YORK |  Filipino American high fashion makes a grand entrance, alongside luxurious Philippine fabrics during the much anticipated Anthony Cruz Legarda fashion event “Piña Couture New York: Promoting and Preserving the Works of Filipino Master Artisans” through high fashion design, on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 6:30 PM at Kalayaan Hall, Philippine Center, 556 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Piña Couture New York or PCNY is a new and cosmopolitan collection inspired by centuries-old Philippine textile traditions and the ultra-chic New York boutiques on Fifth Avenue.

PCNY features opulent and intricate Filipino fabrics that are tailored into a demi couture collection for a premiere fashion event.  The goal is to spread the message that the eco-friendly Philippine piña and other indigenous cloth as well as Filipino American fashions are world class. Anthony Cruz Legarda known for his eco-couture notes, “We want to create a branding for the piña to be a world renowned fabric like the Thai silk, Indian cotton, and the Irish linen, as we produce the finest natural and organic fabrics made by master artisans of the Philippines and tailor them into museum and heirloom quality clothing.” The signature textile is piña, a high quality cloth handwoven from natural pineapple fibers made only in the Philippines.  Other variations in the fabric palette include Philippine silk, organic cotton, and other natural and eco-friendly fibers.

The philosophy of the Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House and Textile Design Studio is fusion eco-artwear that combines beautiful Filipino fabrics with modern American sensibility. Fabrics for the collection are handwoven, embellished, and dyed with natural pigments by expert indigenous craftspeople from the Philippines. This promotes the development of eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion by honoring traditional methodologies and fair trade with native artisans.

For the past decade, Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House and Textile Design Studio has produced sophisticated garments in San Francisco, Manila, and recently New York. The PCNY collection is hand-dyed in varied hues of natural yellow, green, black and indigo colors. The latest fabrics used are embroidered and lace sheers with graphic floral designs in linen, Philippine silk and cotton-saluyot threads, plaids in metallic and poly-hyacinth threads, and jacquards with floral and ethnic patterns in cotton-piña and Philippine silk fibers, Clean lines are the predominant silhouette with hour-glass and fit & flare shapes. This collection is the next evolution of the Barong Tagalog and Filipino Terno.

Our mission is to promote and preserve the elaborate and elegant Filipino textiles for generations to come and to encourage the continuation of unique Filipino weaving and embellishments to promote the Philippine textile industry.

The Fashion Show is made possible by the generous support of the Philippine Consulate General, Philippine Department of Tourism, Philippine Department of Trade & Industry and Philippine Textile Research Institute.

The program is sponsored by the Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization. Donation pricing starts at $50.00. For tickets and more info, please contact: Zoila Mendoza (516) 695-0784 or Cynthia Flores (347) 249-4341 or by email: ACLFASHION@GMAIL.COM

Visit www.anthonycruzlegarda.com

Piña couture dress from Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House and Textile Design
Piña couture dress from Anthony Cruz Legarda Fashion House and Textile Design

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