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Nancy Kim Parsons, New York actor, at “RepresentAsian” | Courtesy of AAPAC

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ASIAN AMERICANS PUSH BACK | Actors’ coalition demands U.S. theater companies to end racial prejudice

A coalition of Asian Americans (called AAPAC) produced a report that wanted to compare minority representation on both the commercial and nonprofit sections. The past five seasons of 16 of the largest non-profit theaters in New York City were analyzed

IS BROADWAY RACIST? | If not, then why are Asian Americans invisible on NYC stages?

Asian American actors and performers have gathered forces to figure out the meaning behind a slew of statistics. Data revealed in a 2012 study has found the smoking gun — that Asian American performers are not part of “the trend toward more inclusive casting” in New York theater.

"RepresentAsian" poster of AAAPAC: Asian American Performing Arts Coalition

NUMBERS DON’T LIE | Asian Americans are challenging Broadway and nonprofit theaters with sobering stats on the lack of minorities

According to a new minority report, blacks were far more likely than any other minority to be cast in roles which were not specifically identified by their race and ethnicity. Asian Americans were “the least likely of the major minority groups to play roles that were not defined by their race.”

NYC’S RACIST THEATERS | NYC’s MCC Theater gets a thumbs-down in the culture of casting inequality

That’s one of the most glaring statistical findings on the state of ethnic representation on New York stages, according to a sobering new survey released tonight (May 2) by Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC).

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